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Our Experts Will Quickly Develop Your WordPress Back-end.

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WordPress Backend Development

12AM Agency Helps You Keep Your Website Fresh and Appealing
Your website cannot remain static. Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo keep tabs on how often websites are updated and whether they appear to be offering new and useful information to visitors. Even your loyal customers may stop showing up as often as they used to if you don’t present something new to them on a periodic basis.

Business owners should keep in mind that sites that fail to stay fresh tend to go down the list of search engine results. This means you stand to get fewer leads with a stale site as compared to a more dynamic website.

As a small-to-medium business owner, you need to focus all of your time and attention on your organization’s core processes, which typically leaves you few resources to devote to administering a website. For this reason, many business owners have come to see the benefits of working with the team at 12AM Agency for WordPress backend development.

Our Experts Will Quickly Develop Your WordPress Backend

WordPress is a wildly popular platform that millions of people use to build and maintain websites. To refresh your memory, the frontend is the customer-facing part of your organization’s WordPress website, while the backend is the administrative part of the site that works behind the scenes to serve up information.

No backend will be the same, since every company has different priorities and requirements for the material they present on their website. Your backend can include an enormous database, for example, to support sales of your items through an online store.

An easy way to envision what’s happening with your WordPress website is to compare it to a restaurant.

The front of the restaurant is where the customers come and are greeted by the staff before being shown to their table. Then, the patrons look at items on the menu before placing their order. They might need to ask the server some questions about ingredients, pricing or how a particular meal is prepared.

This is similar to the frontend of your WordPress site, where customers arrive and start checking out the goods and services you offer. In the back of the house, hidden from public view, you will find the inventory of stored food items and the workers who labor to gather up what customers are ordering. All the messy and complex action goes on behind the scenes in the backend, while the frontend of your WordPress site delivers just what the customers have requested.

Best of all, when 12AM develops your customized WordPress backend, you can update the site on your own whenever you want, such as to add items to your catalog, change prices or descriptions or update your shipping details.

You won’t need a website professional to make these minor changes since they are so easy to take care of yourself. If you’ve ever entered data into an online form and then hit the “Update” button, you already know how to update content for your WordPress website.

Benefits of Setting up an Administration Page

  • No need for you or your staff to learn HTML programming
  • Click of a button updates your site automatically with all formatting
  • Frequent updates keep your website fresh in the eyes of search engines
  • Frees you from hiring an IT staffer or a website company
  • Website looks great and is easy for small business owners to manage

For more information on the WordPress backend development services we provide or to get started on a new website project for your organization, please contact the friendly professionals at 12AM Agency today.


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