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The average person leaves a website in less than 10 seconds. Ensure your site is not hurting your business by having 12AM perform a website audit..

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Website Audit

Lately, it seems that your company’s website hasn’t been performing as well as you would expect.

A number of factors could be the culprit and you will need to find out what’s wrong before the site crashes or otherwise fails to support your business.

However, what would be worse is if you simply didn’t realize there are certain glaring problems with the site. If you lack expertise in website development and maintenance, there is a strong possibility that the site has errors you won’t easily detect until it’s too late.

It’s time to bring in professionals to conduct a website audit and then improve the site so it gives you the best return on your marketing investment.

Problems with Your Website

You may be experiencing too many bounces, with people leaving the site almost as soon as they click its link from a search engine or social media post.

Pages may be broken, returning 404 errors or messages that the “page cannot be found.” This can be quite embarrassing for any organization, but it can also lead to a decrease in business. Slowly loading pages are another major problem, especially when your customers are viewing the site with a mobile device.

Websites are dynamic, always needing to be updated with new material to reflect changing market conditions and details about your new products or services.

Meanwhile, criminal hackers are devoting their lives to breaking into unsecured websites that haven’t protected themselves against the latest intrusion techniques.

Improve Your Business with Website Auditing

In addition to the WordPress website design services we provide here at 12AM, we are also experts at providing website audits for our customers. During our audit of your website, we will be checking for a variety of important items.

No two websites will work exactly the same. To make sure we don’t miss a thing, we employ a comprehensive website review checklist that is customized for your particular business. Examples of things we check for include:

Search Engine Optimization
Friendly for Mobile Devices
Social Media Integration

The professionals at 12AM are standing by to assist you with all your website needs. As a premiere adaptive marketing agency serving companies in the greater Dallas area and beyond, we are devoted to helping our customers continue to improve the quality of their online presence. Crucial to this process is conducting audits of the website on a regular basis.

It’s best to have knowledgeable website experts check out all aspects of your site, verifying that it is using the latest in security protocols and follows industry best practices in terms of usability, coding and design.

For more information about our website auditing services or to get started with a full-scale analysis of your site, please contact the friendly experts at 12AM today.

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