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77% of smartphone users contact a business after looking for local Information. Is your website mobile friendly and optimized?

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Mobile/Responsive Website

How long ago was your company’s website developed? If a designer built your website before the advent of affordable smartphones, your site may look terrible when people try to view it with a mobile device.

A website that’s designed to be seen on an enormous monitor connected to a PC at someone’s job or home won’t necessarily make it on a tiny mobile device. You cannot afford to alienate the majority of potential customers by continuing to use a website that takes too long to load or is difficult to navigate.

If you haven’t set up a website for your company yet, starting from scratch will ensure that your site is built according to the latest industry best practices for mobile users.

This is where responsive design comes in. The professionals at 12AM follow the principles of responsive design because it ensures your website will look great no matter how big or small the screen is, from smartphones to tablets to laptops to desktop computers.

See for Yourself

Have you ever loaded your company’s website on a smartphone? If you haven’t yet, it’s time to see for yourself whether it works as you imagined it would.

In fact, it would be a good idea to load your website using a variety of smartphones, such as from your coworkers, family and friends. That’s what the creative team at 12AM will do when first evaluating your site for an upgrade to make it mobile-friendly.

Why Use Responsive Design?

Your website will load more quickly for people using smartphones.

  Search engines will rank your website higher when you optimize it for mobile.
  Customers won’t bounce from your site because of bloated, buggy code.
  You can rest assured that any potential customer who wants to check out your goods or services will have a seamless experience, from PC to mobile.
The website designers at 12AM are experts in their craft and are ready to get started on your own mobile-friendly site. If you already know that you require a new mobile responsive website, you’re ahead of your less knowledgeable competitors.

12AM is a premier adaptive marketing agency providing service to organizations in the greater Dallas area and beyond. We have years of experience making mobile-friendly websites and we welcome the opportunity to show you how we shine.

We don’t want to consider you as just a client. Our team is eager to serve as the marketing arm of your business and we will start by setting up a website that lets you target mobile users much more effectively. For more information about our responsive website development process or to set up an appointment, please contact 12AM today.

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