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Much like having your car serviced every so often, your website’s “moving parts” also needs regular maintenance in order to perform at it’s best.

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Website Maintenance

You wouldn’t think of taking your vehicle on a cross-country trip without first having it thoroughly inspected by a trustworthy mechanic, would you? The possibility of it breaking down in the middle of nowhere could spell disaster.

Now think of the website that your business relies on. No matter how talented and resourceful your original website designer was, you have to expect that things will go wrong with the site. This is the case even for sites made with the popular WordPress platform. A bit of malware or some poorly written code could throw you off the Internet at a moment’s notice.

What’s more, even if your site is built according to the latest best practices, you cannot predict what new security issues may crop up that exploit previously unknown flaws in WordPress websites.

You need to have a professional conduct website maintenance for you on a regular basis, such as once a month (or more often if you have a lot of traffic and a complicated set of pages to deal with).
Fast and Proactive

The knowledgeable team at 12 AM focuses relentlessly on being proactive when it comes to website maintenance and website management. We know our customers demand accountability. To that end, we offer comprehensive housekeeping services to ensure that your company’s website is always up and running, trouble-free.

For example, we will routinely check the site for broken links and other issues. We also monitor how much time it takes for the site to load pages. Companies that take advantage of our managed hosting services can expect to see much faster page load rates than if they used inexpensive shared hosting services.

With our website maintenance services, you can rest assured that when important security issues arrive, our team will be on top of it, 24/7. They will quickly apply a security patch to make sure your site won’t be compromised.

The friendly professionals at 12AM are standing by to assist you with all your promotional needs. As a premiere adaptive marketing agency serving companies in the greater Dallas area and beyond, we are devoted to helping our customers increase their online visibility.

Our creative team works to strategically craft and lay out your company’s marketing message to you can reach your ideal customers as effectively as possible. We follow digital marketing best practices, always looking for ways to save you money and boost your ROI.

We welcome the opportunity to become the marketing arm of your business. For more information about our services or to begin work on a new project, please contact 12AM today.

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