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An SSL certificate (secure socket layer) means your website will have an encrypted connection to the internet. This gives visitors added confidence in your company.

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SSL Certificates

If your company is going to offer goods or services to customers through your website, you must take proper steps to protect their confidential and sensitive information. You need an SSL certificate for the website to keep all online interactions safe and private from criminal hackers.

You’ve undoubtedly visited security-rich websites many times in the course of Internet shopping or when you do online banking. An HTTPS website is one that uses an SSL certificate.

You know you are visiting a protected website by the appearance of a tiny padlock icon next to the site’s URL at the top of your Web browser. This locked padlock image indicates that an SSL certificate is being used to keep unauthorized people from intercepting your private information, including your login name and password.

An SSL certificate is a small file of data that connects a strong cryptographic key to a particular company. When you install the SSL certificate on your web server, it forces the HTTPS protocol to enact, providing a secure connection between your company and the customer on your site.

This means people can feel confident about entering their shipping information, credit card details and other private data on your site without worrying a hacker will steal their identity or drain their bank account.
At 12AM, we are proud to offer SSL certificates for websites to our customers as part of our overall commitment to provide them the safety protocols and security they need to keep their online store functioning properly.

If you’ve been wondering how you can get an SSL certificate for your website, your search is over.

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