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Your company’s credibility and security will be at risk when you opt for cheap web hosting options. Your business needs secured hosting.

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Secure Web Hosting

Your company cannot afford to have any downtime when it comes to your website. Customers, vendors, employees, journalists and investors need to be able to access the site on demand. If your website is down because of server, software or network issues, or if it falls under attack from malicious hackers, the results could be disastrous for your bottom line.

Let’s face it: Your company’s credibility will be at risk when you opt for cheap web hosting options, whose service providers care more about saving money than they do about protecting your valuable information.

You need secure web hosting provided by knowledgeable experts to ensure the viability of your site and online presence. This is why so many businesses entrust their web hosting to 12AM. If you’re looking for the most secure web hosting available, you’ve come to the right place.

At 12AM, we take secure web hosting seriously. We follow all industry best practices for security.  We use state-of-the-art surveillance cameras and other sensors to keep watch over our facilities along with security guard patrols to ensure your website will stay up 24/7/365 in the face of criminals bent on vandalism, theft or the destruction of sensitive information.

For maximum web hosting security, we monitor our servers and all aspects of the network, keeping watch so no one can get away with uploading malware and interfering with our customers’ data. As leading experts in website development, hosting and security, we are known in the industry for our high standards in securing each website hosted on our servers. Our protocols ensure that hackers won’t be able to gain control over your business’s website or take it down with a denial of service attack.

We also back up your site every day, storing copies on various remote servers so you can be back up and running in no time even if there is a local problem beyond our control, such as a natural disaster.

You should also know that we screen all of our customers before allowing them to host their website with us. We check for proof of identity and we will contact you in multiple ways to verify you are who you say you are before we allow your site to go live on our servers. Our rigorous security protocols are designed to protect each of our valued customers from outsiders’ attacks.

The friendly professionals at 12AM are devoted to helping customers increase their online visibility, from adaptive marketing and logo and brand development to secure web hosting and website development. For details on our secure web hosting services or to get started with a new online presence for your organization, please contact 12AM today.

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