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A faster website that’s up 24/7, responds to spikes in traffic, and is 100% reliable is what your business needs.

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Managed Website Hosting

Your business depends on having a robust website that stays up 24/7, 365. If customers try to visit your site only to be greeted by a grim “server down” message, they may lose confidence in your organization and start looking elsewhere.

Your employees also need reliable access to your company’s site, especially when out in the field or when working from a home office. However, relying on an in-house data center can pose logistical issues.

Your IT staff needs to stay on top of emerging security issues to protect your system, but it also must plan ahead to anticipate how much storage capacity you’ll need for mission critical projects. If you guess wrong, you might wind up spending more than you needed on equipment or wind up falling short on resources just when you need them the most.


What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

The WordPress platform powers millions of websites around the world, and they all need to be stored on some type of server so people can access them over the Internet.

Sometimes small-to-medium sized companies with little Internet experience opt for cheap shared hosting services. Controlling costs is great, but shared hosting can spell problems for your business if other companies sharing space on the server use up all the memory or bandwidth.

This is why so many organizations turn to 12AM for managed web hosting services.

With managed web hosting, your website will load much faster, which should be enough of an incentive to go this route because customers and employees alike will appreciate it.

Our staff maintains the equipment, keeps software patched and updated and keeps watch over the system around the clock so you can rest easy at night. We include automated backups that are stored in multiple redundant locations. Our team will protect your site with firewalls and countermeasures to foil intruders.

The benefits of cloud computing are at your disposal with managed website hosting. You’ll always have enough storage capacity and bandwidth.

The friendly professionals at 12AM are standing by to assist you with all your promotional needs. As a premiere adaptive marketing agency serving companies in the greater Dallas area and beyond, we are devoted to helping our customers increase their online visibility.

Our creative team works to strategically craft and lay out your company’s marketing message to you can reach your ideal customers as effectively as possible. We follow digital marketing best practices, always looking for ways to save you money and boost your ROI.

We welcome the opportunity to become the marketing arm of your business. For more information about our services or to begin work on a new project, please contact 12AM today.

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