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Our team is skilled at building these types of web applications and more.

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Web Applications

The team at 12AM are experts at developing web applications!

If your organization processes and maintains information that employees, customers or clients must access on a regular basis, off-the-shelf software is not typically going to offer you a complete solution.

It’s your company, and if you have unique business processes that require specialized software to reach their full potential, you owe it to yourself to arrange for a web application.

Why opt for a web application instead of a desktop application? Read on for details.

What Are Web Applications?

A web application is software that runs in an ordinary web browser, such as Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari.  There is no need for the end user to download a special app for their computer to use your service.

A major benefit here is that you don’t need to worry about whether your customers or employees use Apple, Windows or Linux computers.

A web app could be a company portal to quickly share information with employees. It might take the form of a specialized inventory system. Or, consider a web application that serves as a portal for a business that has hundreds of dealers logging in to their account to see their invoices, quotes and leads.

Your organization’s web application can be designed to work with other software and sources of data, as well as to integrate with social media platforms. For example, your marketing team can pull up new details about your manufacturing process from the company portal and use this same portal to post an update to your customers via Linkedin or Twitter.

Benefits of a Web Application

* Always Up-to-Date

You no longer have to worry that everyone is using the same version of the software, as is the case with desktop applications and mobile apps. The software runs in the person’s Web browser so it will always be up-to-date each time it is used.

* Potential Revenue Stream

Another important aspect of web apps is monetization. When a company sells software to someone, it’s typically a one-time payment with no guarantee that the end user will bother to pay for an upgrade sometime in the future.

However, with a web application, you have an opportunity to provide Software as a Service or SaaS on a subscription basis, giving you recurring revenue.

Examples of Common Web Applications

At 12AM, our developers have experience creating a wide range of web applications to address the unique needs of our customers.

You may need a customized system to manage your inventory. Or perhaps you have a complicated business process that no current software on the market can fully support. In any case, a customized web application is designed to streamline your operations and allow you to maintain absolute control over who can access information from your system.

Our team is skilled at building these types of web applications and more:

* Client/Customer Portal

* Employee Portal

* Business Process

* Inventory System

For more information on our web application development process or details on how a custom web app will improve your business, please contact the friendly experts at 12AM Agency today.

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