12AM – UI/UX Design


12AM – UI/UX Design

Our team of app developers stays on top of industry developments to follow the latest best practices for UI/UX design

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UI/UX Design

No matter how many great features your website or app has or how much useful information or entertainment it delivers, it will all be for nothing if your intended audience finds it difficult to use. This is why you want to pay close attention to both the user interface, or UI, and the user experience, which we refer to as UX.

At 12AM, our team of app developers stays on top of industry developments to follow the latest best practices for UI/UX design. These best practices don’t remain static, as new innovations in software, technology and user expectations will continue to emerge. Some basic principles remain, though.

For example, you can expect that many of the end users of your mobile app will hold the device in one hand and just use a thumb to navigate the screen while their other hand is occupied. If the buttons are too small for the thumb to accurately hit on a consistent basis, or if the buttons and other elements are spaced too closely together, the app will be too hard to use,

Getting Started

We will meet with you to get familiar with the scope of your project and what you would like to accomplish with it. 

If it’s a website, there are different considerations than when you are building an app to run on a small smartphone or a tablet. If you are looking to build a new app, we’ll determine if you want to build it for one platform, such as Android, Apple or Windows smartphones and tablets. Or, you may wish to port the app to multiple platforms, depending on your audience and the user density you are aiming for.

There is no one single way to build a great UX. In addition to talking with you and your stakeholders, the team at 12AM will do research in your industry to learn more about what the competition is doing wrong and how they get it right so we can avoid errors and capitalize on the experience of others. We might discover that your closest competitor only developed basic functions, for example, meaning that your app will blow them out of the water.


After you have signed off on the details of how the project should look and operate, we will make mockups. Preliminary drawings lead to wireframe images as we work out how your app will function.


The first version of your new application or website may not be quite where it needs to be. To that end, we’ll do end user testing to see how the interface and experience are shaping up. 

Upon request, the developers at 12AM can do A/B testing, making different versions of the UI and UX to see how people react to them.

When you’ve signed off on the app or website, our team can help you put your app in online stores and directories and promote the website to drum up more visitors.

For more information on our UI/UX design work methods and how we will use them to build a new app or website for your organization, please feel free to contact the friendly professionals at 12AM Agency today.

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