SharePoint Consulting

SharePoint Consulting

12AM Agency Is Your One-Stop Source for SharePoint Consultation and Solutions

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SharePoint Consulting

12AM Agency Is Your One-Stop Source for SharePoint Consultation and Solutions

Are you in need of a customized SharePoint solution for your organization? You’ve come to the right place! The team at 12AM Agency has years of experience consulting with businesses both big and small to help them with SharePoint implementations.

As your business grows in size and perhaps in scope as well, it becomes increasingly important to make sure every member of your team can collaborate effectively and manage the documents you generate and gather each day.

But if you lack programmers on staff or cannot allocate members of your team to build a SharePoint solution on your own, it’s time to outsource this task to knowledgeable third party developers. This is where 12AM Agency shines. We assist company owners with SharePoint to improve workflow and give them an edge over their competitors.

SharePoint Development Services

We’ll begin work on your project by sitting down with you and your key stakeholders to determine your primary business requirements. Setting goals and confirming what you expect to get out of the project is essential for making the most use out of the limited time you’ve budgeted.

The main issues in customized SharePoint deployment include:

  • Architecture
  • Design
  • Migration
  • Workflow
  • Support for End Users

Our team has experience migrating companies from antiquated systems used for document sharing and collaboration to a modern SharePoint deployment that accounts for all major business processes that need streamlining. We can improve your workflow, uncovering hidden bottlenecks and empowering users with faster access to relevant information.

Connect with 12AM Agency Today to Consult on SharePoint Integration

For more information on the help we can provide your organization with a SharePoint solution or to get started with a free consultation on deploying SharePoint, please contact the friendly experts at 12AM Agency today.


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