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12AM’s software engineers are experts in programming with PHP and MySQL. 

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PHP / MySQL Development

Does your company require programmers for PHP/MySQL development? If so, you’ve come to the right place. 12AM’s software engineers are experts in programming with PHP and MySQL.

When standard HTML programming just won’t do for your site, you’ll need a system that gives much more functionality, such as the ability to calculate numbers on the fly before presenting a visitor with data or that can collect information to help make purchasing decisions. Website developers use PHP and MySQL in tandem to make sites much more functional and useful. If you intend to make a website that is deeply driven by database information, you’ll want to develop it with PHP and MySQL.

You use PHP to gather data from users, make calculations, run comparisons and so on. MySQL presents the users with information based on their choices. You’d make a shopping cart with PHP and then use MySQL to do things like tally up the current items, let the shopper know that “here are related items that would go well with your selection,” and so on.

Using PHP and MySQL lets you set up more than a catalog and store, of course. It is useful for making contact forms, such as what you’d set up on your website for customers to reach out to your sales team or to let people sign up for a new account.

Open Source Benefits

Open source software is free to use and people are encouraged to share their developments and improvements with other users. As a result, the open source software movement is changing how people build and use applications.

With no licensing fees to pay, developers are free to experiment and create new products.

The fact that it is open source means that individuals from around the world can work to improve the software, sharing the benefits with all new users without forcing them to pay first.

The PHP scripting language and the MySQL relational database management system are both open source and this freedom has led to them becoming popular and in use around the world to power all types of websites both big and small.

What PHP and MySQL Enable for Your Website

You don’t need to know PHP/MySQL to take advantage of it, but it’s a good idea to become familiar with what it can do for your site. Examples include:

* Make your site truly interactive for better customer engagement
* Build a giant portal for customers or employees of your enterprise
* Crunch numbers, such as a product comparison site based on live data
* Provide access to a relational database for your clients
* Present a convenient, comprehensive shopping cart for online buyers

Would you like to learn more about the PHP and MySQL development work that we do here at 12AM Agency? Our team would be happy to speak with you about these tools and how we use them to make our clients’ websites into a new source of income and a way to bring in more prospects. For details, please contact the developers at 12AM today.

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