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12AM – Mobile Apps

The developers at 12AM won’t rest until you are completely satisfied with your new Mobile APP.

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Mobile Apps

It’s clear that an increasingly larger number of people are coming to rely on their smartphones and tablets instead of desktop computers or laptops. 

You’re familiar with the routine. When customers use a company’s products or services on a regular basis, they often will bookmark the organization’s home page so they can get quick access to information or services. If an app is available, they download it to their mobile device. 

At the most basic state, a mobile app can provide information to consumers more easily than a web page, especially when the app contains a database and does not require Internet access. A mobile app can also let you provide services, such as appointment setting or to run comparisons on products.

Information and Entertainment

Your mobile app doesn’t have to be a serious affair. It can be a game or an entertaining app that distracts users during their break, for example. If you have an idea for a game, we’d love to talk about it with you and come up with an approach that you’ll love, in terms of the look, feel and general gaming experience.

Free or Paid App?

You could make a free version of your app to give away, and then when users get hooked on its basic functions, you can let them upgrade via in-app upgrades or by purchasing a “pro” version of the app. 

An app can upgrade to add more features (such as different languages) or more sophisticated options. Advertisement-supported apps are another time-tested way to go. We at 12AM will be happy to discuss these various options with you in detail.

End User Tests

The developers at 12AM won’t rest until you are completely satisfied with your new mobile app. We conduct multiple tests to see how users actually use the app. We’ll see if we need to adjust the user interface or spend more time working out the entire user experience, based on feedback from you and test subjects.

Branded App Keeps Your Logo on Customer’s Screens

One great thing about having your own app is that it puts your company’s logo on the home screen of each person’s mobile phone or tablet. This helps keep you top of mind and can even spur other people to check you out after they see your app on a friend’s device.

Click to Call

Your new app can include an easy way for customers to reach you. Add a click-to-call feature and the app will encourage users to get in contact. 

Navigation to Your Company

A customer needs to visit your premises. You can make it more convenient by including an option to provide step-by-step navigation services to any of your locations. The mobile device’s location is accessible via GPS data, so customers can just tap the display and follow then instructions to reach you.

Platform Selection

Do you want your app to run on Android smartphones and tablets? Doing so gives you access to a wide variety of users. Perhaps Windows phone users are your main objective today. Or, you may only want to target individuals who use Apple’s iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. You can also create a version of your app to run on each desired platform.

A customized mobile app can dramatically change how you do business and it will give you access to customers who rely on mobile devices much more than they do on desktop computers and laptops. For more information on the 12AM Agency approach to developing apps or to begin a new app project, please contact us today.

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