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Welcome to 12AM Agency’s Consulting Page

How would you like to add a brain trust to your company without having to take on additional staff? We can all use a little guidance and consulting from time to time to improve our business operations.

Sometimes, you really need an objective eye to see what’s going on in your organization. Or, you have identified a new goal to meet or a particularly intractable problem in your organization and now require some professional input.

That’s where the team at 12AM comes in.

We offer consultation services to a variety of business, with an emphasis on website and application development, content marketing, social media, business intelligence and branding.

Who Needs Consultation?

You may be an expert in your field or have invented a new product or process that the world is beating down the door to get for themselves. However, this does not necessarily mean that you will be an expert in all things related to growing your business or marketing it properly.

If you started your company without a clear plan or if the business climate has changed, it’s possible that you were able to succeed in the past but now circumstances are dragging you down. We can help pull you out of the muck and mire and identify where you should focus your energy, time and other resources to get the best ROI.

You may have one storefront but now think it’s possible to succeed by expanding, but need some help getting you to the next level. This may involve doing extensive research to come up with a new marketing plan to better address your shifting demographic. 

Or, your branding is lackluster and a consultant is required to get your logo and coloring just where you need them for maximum market penetration. These things and more are all part and parcel of what we do at 12AM when consulting with our clients.

Opportunities for Consultation

12AM Agency is standing by to consult with you on a wide range of topics, all geared to helping you get the most out of your business. Examples of situations where you would benefit from consultation include:

* You are about to launch a new business and are not up to speed on the competitive landscape
* Your company’s profits have flattened for several quarters and you don’t know why
* It’s time to rebrand the business and reach new customers
* You know you need a website, blog and social media but are not sure which should be your priority
* A new competitor is giving you problems previously unanticipated
* Your staff is divided on what direction to take
* You want to find or build new software for your unique processes

In many cases, expert consultation from third party professionals can lift a company out stagnant earnings, build a new marketing effort based on current best practices or expand into new territories and target new types of customers. The team at 12AM will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you. For details on our consulting services or to get started with our resident business experts, please contact 12AM today.

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