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12AM’s developers can create a dashboard to help you get a handle on your business intelligence.

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12AM Business Intelligence

How well do you understand your business? You might think you have a firm grasp of all the details of your organization and its processes, but without access to large amounts of data and a means to process and make sense of it all, you could be operating in the dark.

Your sales team likely has scads of information on spreadsheets that other people in your company could also benefit from, such as trends in purchasing that might prompt you to increase production in one line of products over another. 

There is a great deal of data to be found in social media postings (from customers, potential customers and critics alike) that you can also use in developing new initiatives, such as to branch out to a new location or to target a class of consumers you’ve never considered viable before.

To collect, organize and make sense out all the data, you’ll need specialized software. Customer relationship marketing or CRM software helps you keep tabs on what people want and don’t want. The results you get from email blasts in your marketing campaigns are more data.

How Are Customers Behaving?

12AM can assist you in using business intelligence to get a better sense of how consumers behave. Activities to track and understand include how often someone makes a purchase and whether they are buying based on a recommendation from a loyal customer.

Real-Time Analytics

Sometimes you need instant answers on customer behavior. You can use real-time analytics, from data being entered into your website by customers or trending keywords about your company as they are revealed in consumer social media posts.

Getting an Overview

12AM’s developers can create a dashboard to help you get a handle on your business intelligence. All the information will be in one place, giving you statistics at a glance. Representing this crucial data in a pie chart will guide you in what action to take next (or to confirm that the best course is to do nothing and wait.

You also will need reporting capabilities to make use of this number crunching. Our team will set up a customized dashboard for charts (preconfigured for your basic reporting requirements, for example).

Do you want to see how many people opened last week’s promotional email? How many of them forwarded the message to a friend? Of these recipients, which ones actually visited your services page or used the money saving coupon you promoted via email or social media? You can get answers to these questions and more when you computerize your business intelligence data gathering, manipulation and presentation.

If your organization is in the dark about its activities and the market, it’s time to harness business intelligence. Many small to medium businesses find it practical to hire a third party to assist with business intelligence rather than hiring a new staff worker. At 12AM, we have experience helping companies discover, organize and analyze business intelligence to help them reach their goals more effectively and compete better against rival companies. For details on our BI services or to set up an appointment, please contact 12AM today.

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