12AM Agile Methodology

12AM Agile Methodology

Our team sets goals and a supervisor makes sure work stays on track, on time and on budget.

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Agile Methodology

The software developers at 12AM Agency use the agile methodology to quickly and efficiently build applications for our clients.

When developing a web application or an app that runs on mobile devices, it pays to be agile and quick. You want to be flexible and responsive, fixing issues when they are small rather than letting things get out of control and changing the scope or size of a project. 

Following agile protocols, we set up small milestones to divide the work into small units. At any step in the process, you can change your mind about a particular direction or some detail of the user interface or the entire user experience. All along the way, we test, test and then test some more. We reevaluate the app throughout development and see how its various features combine to give your end users a rich and useful application.

How the Agile Methodology Works

We will meet with you and discuss your hopes and requirements for the application you are interested in developing. In the beginning, we will find out the main features you want to include, who your intended users are and what else you hope to get out of the project. 

What are your business intentions for the application? Is it for internal use, or are you giving or selling the application to customers or vendors?

Once the details become clearer, we’ll focus on the most important aspects first, since as the project moves forward, you may be requesting adjustments that will lower the priority of certain features or aspects of the application.

Our team sets goals and a supervisor makes sure work stays on track, on time and on budget.

Periodically throughout the development process, we will schedule meetings with you to go over how the app is doing and for you and your stakeholders to see or test new functions.

Your Role in the Agile Methodology Process

It’s your application and we will do our best to deliver you the product you specify.

We will establish a number of small milestones and then show you what we have at each point. In the early phase of the project, you may exercise your right to change the development plan. It’s a work in progress and teamwork is needed to hit each goal on the app’s checklist.

You can also have us revise the work done to date, as well as change which features have high priority.
Our team wants to know as soon as possible if a feature or any other aspect of the application is no longer in keeping with your vision for the app.
Interested in learning more about the agile methodology that we use at 12AM? We’d love to talk with you and go over the work process in greater detail. If you have a new application project and are ready to go, our developers are standing by. For more details or to arrange an appointment to begin application development, please contact the professionals at 12AM today.

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