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Case Study - Form i.o

12AM Agency boosted the number of conversions by 115% with a fully in-depth research  and analysis. is an enterprise class combined form and API data management platform for developers who are building their own complex form-based business process applications.

The platform is used by companies all over the world, from startups, to SMBs, to large enterprises, who operate in a wide range of business verticals including healthcare, government, banking and finance, insurance, legal, online retail, compliance, multi-tenanted technology platforms, software development agencies, and many more. was previously being managed by another marketing agency, however, they were not getting the desired results. Costs were going up and conversions were staying relatively flat. Form i.o wanted an agency that could live up to their promises. They needed a partner that could deliver end-to-end solutions and could deliver positive results quickly.

form io case study

Goal: Crisis Management

Form i.o started working with 12AM Agency in the last quarter of 2018. Initially, they were looking to boost conversions while reducing the cost per lead, which 12AM  did. However, when the Covid-19 pandemic struck they became concerned  that our existing campaign strategies would no longer  perform. 


Good analysis relies on good data. At 12AM we understand the value of measuring the right things. Back in 2018, our first steps upon onboarding  was to properly install a  conversion tracking system to help obtain more valuable data. Being able to analyze key data points became critical  in 2020 when the COVID pandemic required us to be more efficient with our client’s investments.

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  • Strong Communication
  • Identify Changes in Buyer Persona
  • Review Locations
  • Modify Budget Allocation

Strong communication: It has become vital to strengthen the communication with the client even more, to ensure we are working hand in hand to produce the best results. We’ve taken the time to protect the account and to properly scale it

Identify Changes in Buyer Persona: Analyze and modify our buyer personas according to the current situation, and develop messaging tactics that uniquely resonate with our customers. We want to avoid the risk of fading into the blur of generic marketing.

Review Locations:  Fully in-depth research  and analysis to weed out areas that are being hit hard by the pandemic. We’ve focused on more valuable locations that are not struggling as much. 

Modify Budget Allocation: We changed budget allocation from under performing campaigns. We reviewed the account to find new opportunities and determined what campaigns we needed to pull back momentariously. 


1 %

in number of conversions

1 %

in clicks

1 %

in click-through rate

1 %

in cost per lead

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