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Colores Adoptions Case Study

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Colores Adoptions

Placing your child for adoption is not always the easiest choice, but Colores Adoptions is committed to provide extensive support, security, and empathy to birth mothers and adoptive families on a personal level of compassion and understanding. Colores Adoptions has successfully completed many adoptions over the past 13 years since they started. Since partnering with 12AM Agency, Colores Adoptions has been able to reach and connect more families looking to have their child adopted.

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Initial goals

Colores Adoptions main goal was to expand its online presence in order to reach more moms looking for an option to have their child adopted. In order to achieve this, 12AM Agency established unique campaigns in English and Spanish across the USA to reach those in need of their services.

1 %

in number of conversions

1 %

in conversion rate

1 %

in cost per click

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SEO Strategy

Although Search Engine Optimization is a long-term process, 12AM Agency managed to show improvements to the client even in the first few months.

With transparent communication and data-driven approach every task we did was clear to the client. They could track the improvements in our Client Dashboard making sure everything is going in the right direction.

Thorough Competition analysis
A competition analysis gave us insights on strenghts and weaknesses of the competitors, so we could build up a strategy around these information.

Technical improvements
12AM Agency helped Colores Adoptions to overcome technical difficulties enabling them to quickly get indexed by Google.

On Site SEO
Continuousily updating and optimizing the content helped Colores to rank higher for the target keywords.

Offsite SEO
As a result of an effective reachout campaing 12AM managed to get constant media mentions for Colores Adoption, resulting in a steady and high authority backlink growth.


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in average keyword positions

1 %

of the target keywords

1 %

in organic traffic in a short time

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