Your Organization Needs a Logo to Extend Your Brand in the Marketplace

Your Organization Needs a Logo to Extend Your Brand in the Marketplace

apr1When you launched your business, you may have initially been more focused on the nuts and bolts of your operation and not on how the public perceives you. Of course, you now recognize that most businesses need some kind of marketing and publicity to get the word out on what they have to offer.

But how can you distinguish yourself from the competition without forging an identity for your business? Begin with a logo. Developing a unique, eye-catching logo is essential for extending your brand in the marketplace. Your logo will help solidify your company’s image in both online promotions and when marketing offline through souvenirs, printed materials and product packaging.

Online Branding

It’s likely that much of your marketing will be taking place online. Social media posts, email messages, newsletters, blog posts, web pages and articles and reviews on other people’s sites are examples where your logo will be presented to the public.

apr2If your organization has a YouTube channel, you can customize it with your logo and the colors that make up your branding.

When you send a newsletter to everyone on your customer email list, they should see your organization’s logo as soon as they click on the latest issue. And in the signature of your emails, it’s good to include the logo to keep it top of mind with your recipients.

Your company’s website will naturally feature the logo. Remember to have your graphics designer make a favicon, a small version of the logo that will appear in the browser tab when customers visit your site.

Marketing in the Physical World

Every item that your organization provides to customers, clients, the press, investors and other interested parties can be an element of your marketing efforts.

Think about your business cards. When they include your logo, it shows the world that you are serious about your business. Likewise, you’ll want to include your company logo on stationary, envelopes and product packaging.

apr3Souvenirs or branded items that you sell to loyal fans will be more appealing when they sport your logo. This includes reusable water bottles, coffee mugs, pens and pencils, USB flash drives, t-shirts, caps and reusable shopping bags.

Keep souvenirs emblazoned with your logo on the premises at all times so you can hand them out to happy customer. Make sure to order a new supply whenever your company goes to a trade show or other industry event, so you can hand them out to everyone you meet.

For more information about how a new logo can help your company grow in leaps and bounds beyond the competition or to get started with a new marketing and promotions campaign, please contact the friendly professionals at 12AM Agency today.

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