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The greatest reason companies opt to employ a law firm PPC professional is since they’re shown to deliver qualified inbound prospects in the cheapest possible conversion cost when implemented properly. However, this is not the only advantage. There are a few other perks that come along with PPC marketing for law firms.

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Our Attorney Marketing campaigns generate more traffic to your site thus meaning more leads, which convert to more customers and cases.


12AM PPC for law firms service gives you the capability to be aware of precisely how much cash you are making along with the conversions you’re getting in regard to your overall investment. This typically peaks the attention of the majority of lawyers because we understand they enjoy seeing the white and black of a topic.

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Two A/B Split Testing.

We test different ad types with another copy until we have seen the one which resonates with consumers best and utilizes your budget in the best manner. This reduces wasted ad spend and optimizes conversion rates to gain you new circumstances.


Nearly 75 percent of prospects that begin their legal search online generally wind up calling the firm via telephone instead of converting online. PPC for law firms service allows us to track these calls with a special phone number we put up at no excess cost to you therefore we could completely track every inch of your law business advertising effort as promised.


We value the work we do, and we want you to view it. Your effort results will likely be 100% transparent, so it is possible to look at them anytime. We’ll provide a fully detailed report on the outcomes of your own law firm PPC effort every month. It’s possible to schedule a telephone at any time to explore your PPC campaign advancement.

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12AM PPC campaigns produce results instantly without significantly improved efforts or workforce. It can take a brief time to get there at first, but with law firm PPC, when the appropriate cost per client acquisition is based, we can scale your bids based on your budget and raise the amount of leads you are getting.

The rivalry for attorneys and law firms in the realm of law firm PPC is rigid which requires a well thought out strategy with extensive keyword research, bidding plan, and suitable landing pages. These items have to be congruent with the advertisements that deliver when your potential clients search key words that pertain to your practice. Since you just pay when you get clicks, then we make sure you’re receiving quality leads from the clicks by optimizing your advertisements with key words that only customers that you would like to represent would be hunting for.

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Essential Elements for Lawyer PPC Advertising

Anyone can click a few buttons and begin a PPC for Law Frims ads, however there are certain keys to success which we’ve discovered through experience.

Here are a couple:

Advertisement Copy. Your ad copy must be congruent with all the landing pages to improve ad quality score. After a few clicks you are it’s important the next page can fix their specific issue. Act Instantly. After a lead is created it is important to respond quickly to the question before the prospects goes on to your competitor.

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Start seeing actual results – rank better, have better optimized processes, pass your competitors and become a digital marketing leader for your industry.

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