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Mobile App Development for Legal Practices

Law firm apps - Legal mobile app development

How to make app for lawyers?

Law Company Programs can vary in their Function and Performance.

Surely, the charge to develop a program for lawyers depends upon attributes embraced by this app.

Having your own legal app is among the Most Effective ways to:

  • Promote your company on the market
  • Build more precious relationships with clients
  • Invite clients’ loyalty
  • Shield and encourage your customers anytime
  • Save money and time
  • Create referrals
  • Retain clients and reach out to new customers


Before deciding to build a mobile app for attorneys you should define its purpose and objective.


legal mobile app development

Accordingly, we could split legal apps into two main classes:

Apps that provide services for clients

programs that provide services for lawyers

Attorney oriented legal apps

Surveys show, 91 percent of lawyers utilize programs for professional intent.

There are plenty of various apps with core functions to ease lawyers’ daily routine.

These acts may allow the following capacities:

Professional networking with colleagues, including chats and recruiting

Taking notes and recording of a meeting

Organizer: calendar, meetings set upflights and hotels booking

Transforming voice into text

Storing and sharing files

Managing calendars, lists, and documents

Blend these features in the app in a suitable manner and you will get an outstanding idea for startup or solution that could boost your organization’s productivity.

Customer oriented legal apps

At first, law firms’ apps were only a program variations of law brochures and did not provide much feedback and functionality. Afterwards the recognition that programs may have the capacity for serving serious client needs has grown.

Thus law companies started to compete to be successful in this.

Nowadays everybody knows that providing clients with the best support in the field is the best way to enhance your credibility and promote clients’ loyalty.

Reсent research have found that for many people it’s easier to schedule an appointment in writing than to pick up the phone. So, the capacity to schedule a legal consultation in one click is essential, if you are aiming at a powerful remedy to engage clients.

Also, apps can allow lawyers to make communication with customers better. Lawyers may provide customers with legal documents directly in their mobile devices. They could send”push notifications” to advise on legislation changes, produce the hottest upgrades, and ensure that they always have access to relevant legal info.

legal mobile app

Synchronization of mobile app with company’s site

Constructed social networking platforms to spread the word to your customers

Push notifications to help keep customers informed about their case

Built-in live chat

Storing documents safely via Drop Box

Video case studies, interactive diagrams, and supporting files

Educational tips in the form of FAQs, email courses

to supply an excellent service and seamless user experience you can dedicate your program to a specific issue. Through the programs, they help customers respond to the arrival of government representatives or a subpoena. This program offers legal crisis assistance at the touch of a button.


Today the multifunctionality and unlimited versatility of smartphones can be clarified with subtle metaphor – they are as the Swiss Army Knife.

Business has recognized that support of client needs is no more the extra value. It has evolved into a core competency for the law firm of the future.

The law firm app may be a portfolio of handy tools that can help catch new customers on”the hook” and maintain the existing clients coming back.

review management for lawyers

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