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Mobile app development for the Franchises

Franchise Mobile app development

There are many reasons why a franchisor should build a mobile app including brand expansion, marketing support and information mining, among others. Yet, the very best reason for any concept to possess a mobile app may just be as in the current mobile centric world, clients expect and demand it. On the other hand, the emergence of the smartphone and the consequent "App Gold Rush" over the iPhone, Android and tablet platforms has once again altered the way franchisors, franchisees and employees on the front lines are still communication with customers.

The expectation of today's consumer is the retail, food and service establishments they see will operate to match themselves into their hectic lifestyles and programs. Gone are the days of static sites because end users need a fresh link be accessible anytime and anywhere. This increasingly mobile lifestyle indicates no signs of slowing down and when franchisors do not adopt this trend, they run the danger of alienating themselves in their customer base. With this new convenience factor, an app can help facilitate transactions that cause booking an agency or buying products and food allowing your organization to market your mobile platform.

Launching Franchise Mobile App Development
Getting a program off the floor isn't always a simple job when a franchisor is starting from scratch. When embarking on app development, many brands start the process as a small project with just a few capabilities. But, it usually becomes a much bigger project very quickly, because developing an app requires input from all levels of leadership in a company.


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Questions necessarily arise and may include: "What programs do we want to be on? What should the program do? How can our program provide value to our customers?"

To acquire an app installed, it is very important to ascertain what operation is needed within the program and what value will it bring to customers. The program could have similar functionality to what is already on a site or the program could offer an entirely different user experience entirely.

The next step should be to build a small number of inner personnel and core franchisees as project leaders. This class will have the ability to brainstorm ideas and develop into an excellent assurance group during the program's production process. It's necessary to keep this group small not to lose focus or control over the program's progression. The group will have to consider whether the new program should be primarily a place finder, a menu of products and services or a simple "About Us" or some blend of all the above mentioned.

The third step entails designing the program in a manner that sets it apart from the competition. This may go a very long way in turning clients into devoted and passionate new advocates. While conventional industry-specific triggers are crucial in program development, building a platform that gives users a exceptional experience and a desirable entrance point into your unique brand is the thing that makes one company stand apart from the rest.

Finally, it is important to decide on which platforms the program will be developed. Designing for both platforms means most a franchisor's customers will be covered. The tablet space is even more lopsided. Apple pills constitute more than 69% of this marketplace, according to a report by ABI Research. Having an iPad, there is just one tablet standard for which to develop, although newer programs can benefit from the retina screen on the newest iPad launched in 2012. On the flip side, there are challenges in regards to creating for Google Android phones that become magnified on tablet computers. There are also many diverse devices running different versions of mobile applications with different screen sizes and processors. Franchisors must choose what platforms they are able to develop and what's the best approach to reach their customers. Focusing on details like these will pay dividends when it comes to executing a strategy for app development and installation.


Constructing a program resembles building a house. With the proper patterns, foundation and resources in place upfront, it is going to stand the test of time and match the needs of your clients for years to come.

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