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Small Business Digital Transformation

Driving Digital Transformation for Small and Medium Businesses

Digital transformation is about taking proactive steps to ensure new technologies are incorporated into your business model. For some companies, changes that are uncomfortable may need to be made earlier than anticipated, or at the very least, it may require reconsidering past methods that were successful. 

We have collected the most important points small business can do now to drive digital transformation within their organization:

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Determine which processes are the most important to take digital first. (Tip: Customer experience, operations, innovation and marketing offer the largest potential for early ROI in digital transformation.)

  • Focus on your consumer and how to make the user journey more improved and efficient.
  • Ensure organization buy-in. All employees and stakeholders must be informed about and involved in the digital transformation.
  • Be adaptable to digital disruptions and utilize them to your advantage.
  • Focus on technologies that will drive growth. (Tip: Data analytics, integrated platforms and artificial intelligence are becoming key focuses for technologies.)
  • Make room in your budget for it.

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