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PPC Management for Lawyers and Law Firms

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Grow Your Law Firm Business Through Effective PPC Management

The main reason lawyers and law firms opt to employ a PPC professional is because they employ the best tools and resources to deliver qualified inbound legal prospects at the cheapest possible conversion cost. However, this is not the only advantage. There are a few other perks that come along with hiring a PPC marketing agency for your law firm.

We drove 5X more conversions to our law firm client

Check our latest case study to see how we did it.

More Clients and Cases.

Our legal-focused marketing campaigns generate more traffic to your site resulting in more and better leads, which convert to more customers and cases.


When partnering with 12AM Agency you'll be aware of precisely how much cash you are making out of your PPC campaigns, along with the conversions you're receiving. This typically peaks the attention of the majority of lawyers because we understand they enjoy seeing the white and black of a topic.

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A/B Split Testing.

We test various types of ads (copy, format, target, etc.) until we get the one that resonates with consumers better and makes the best use of your budget. This reduces wasted ad spend and optimizes conversion rates to gain you new customers.


Nearly 75 percent of potential legal clients end up contacting a law firm via telephone instead of converting online. Our PPC solutions allow us to track these calls through a special tracking phone number at no additional cost to you. This way, we can report every inch of your advertising efforts to you as promised.


We take pride on the work we do and we want you to see it. That's why we are 100% transparent with the results of your PPC campaigns and you can have access to them anytime. We'll also provide you with a detailed report on the results of our PPC efforts every month. If you need any additional information, you can schedule a call with us to walk you through your campaign results.

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Our PPC campaigns produce significant results in a very short timeframe without requiring you to make any changes on your end. It can take some time to get there at first, but with the help of our law firm PPC experts, we can scale your bids based on your budget and increase the number of leads you are getting even more.

The competition in the PPC field among attorneys and law firms is fierce. To succeed, you'll need a well-thought-out strategy with extensive keyword research, a solid bidding plan, and suitable landing pages for your campaign. These items have to be congruent with the ads that show up when your potential clients search for your money keywords. Since you just pay when you get clicks, we'll make sure you're getting high quality people right from the clicks by optimizing your PPC campaign with the keywords that only relevant customers will be using in search.

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Essential Elements for Lawyer PPC Advertising

Anyone can click a few buttons and launch a PPC campaign for a law firm. However,  there are certain keys needed to succeed that not everyone applies and we've discovered through experience.

Ad Copy and Landing Pages

Your ad copy must be congruent with all the landing pages you're sending traffic to in order to improve your ad quality score. Your landing page is important as it lets the user know if your business can solve their specific issue.

Act Instantly.

After a lead is created it is important to respond quickly to it. Otherwise, your prospect will go on to your competitor instead. You should follow-up accordingly and fast.

Growing your Legal Practice

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Once we know your goals and where you see your business in the future we put together a plan. Essentially a step by step guide towards success.


Start seeing actual results – rank better, have better optimized processes, pass your competitors and become a digital marketing leader for your industry.
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