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Franchise Review Management

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Monitoring online reviews lets franchises track operations at every location, gain customer opinions, understand what requires improvement, identify star actors and laggards, and also improve each place's search functionality.

Franchise Review Management And Client Experience

Franchises can utilize 12AM to track both aggregate and place by place performance data across tens of thousands of franchisees, receive alarms for reviews that are negative, recognize problems before they become issues, and also identify strong-performing locations to construct best-practice guidelines.

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Understand What Clients Consider Your Brand

Franchises set policies, guidelines, recommendations, and aspirations, but how can you tell which places are executing from the standards you set to your brand? For better or worse, more customers are sharing their views with friends, loved ones, and just about everyone else on the planet. Use 12AM to monitor evaluations and see what clients are saying about your company in each location and region.

Considering launching an advertising campaign in several southeast states that highlights your speed of service? Make certain that the strong majority of review comments that include"time words" are optimistic in nature. Otherwise, your advertising message won't just fall flat, it might actually backfire.

Is private service the basis of your value proposition and your defense against the new competitors in your market? If so, the survival of your business is dependent on understanding the specific words that your customers use to describe the service received. Use 12AM to run keyword sentiment analysis to identify word tendencies in positive, neutral, and negative testimonials by geographical region.

Local Franchise Performance

Franchises having a small set of important competitors can do a rival review ratio by simply identifying the ratio of 5-Star vs 1-Star testimonials that contain the competitor name. Anything less than 400% (after all, those are the customers) could be a hazard sign your clients will likely be defecting.

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Review Platforms

Each Franchise Review In One Place

Franchises may use the ReviewsInbox to view reviews from a large number of locations around the world on a single platform. From that central hub, visibility can be assigned at every level of the organization, from the CEO down to individual places. Make franchise inspection direction a core competitive advantage of your small business.

Do potential clients in certain cities start looking for driving directions over in different cities? This may imply there is an opportunity to boost location density without cannibalization.

Are critique scores for a franchisee strong, but the general business is still behind targets? The reviews can still be mined to discover certain areas for development.

Can the advertising and promotion material employed for customer acquisition in a particular area match the method by which the brand has been praised by existing clients? Crafting a message that is already augmented by word is significantly easier than effectively spreading a new message.

Franchises can use 12AM's strong cross-filter functionality (geographic, ratings, and keyword opinion) to extract insights for operational and marketing developments.

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