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Digital Transformation for the Automotive Industry

Get help from our professionals at 12AM and completely transform business procedures with digitalization. 

Digital transformation is the process of using digital technologies to create new — or modify existing — business processes, culture, and customer experiences to meet changing business and market requirements. 

In the automotive business, digitalization increases automation. The introduction of new business models have changed the business in recent decades, and businesses must conform to the new environment.


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Process Transformation

Big data, analytics, cloud automation, and services are now becoming more important in each business. This is contributing to modifications in the process landscape and can be revealing new opportunities for improvements. Opportunities and challenges in these areas are starting up:

  • Digital business versions (digital services, freedom)
  • Digital value series (R&D, advertising, production, following sales and support)
  • Digital supply chain


The change of processes through digitalization is clearer in the context of their value chain. New business models are using new approaches that are combined with and permit the amount of customers to be raised while saving cost and time to the manufacturing side.

The digital distribution chain indicates the partial replacement of this flow of physical products with the data flow. Using real-time information on stocks and other locations has helped many organizations to manage, monitor and react to exceptions much more quickly, flexibly and easily.

Firms face inner challenges in their organization and combined with outside challenges it can be a lot. Within the supply chain are cost preparation, accounting, inventory management, and production planning. In the context of digitalization, these tasks become more and more complicated as a result of the use of large amounts of information.

Automotive Digital Transformation

Automotive Digital Transformation requires into account the myriad new ways value can be created with electronic technology. Leading companies need to concentrate on external and internal strategies. The strategy needs to be sensible and a clear procedure with everyone involved. To track progress and keep pace, leadership should put in position quantifiable key performance indicators (KPIs).

12 AM’s digital transformation for the automotive industry helps organizations by: 

  • Enhancing flexibility in product development
  • Improving planning stability, simulations, and maintenance preparation
  • Providing big data technologies to contribute significance from available supply chain data
  • Designing integrated processes along the electronic supply chain



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