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12AM Agency Mixes Up Your Lead Generation Source

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Although Bing certainly has less market share than Google, as a search engine Big should never be ignored. We will strategically capture leads from our Bing campaigns that others neglect.

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If you’re looking for your Google ads to bring you some ROI, well then, you’ve come to the right place. 12AM Agency has been helping Dallas businesses see a return on their investment. We even increased a client’s business by over 300% in Dallas.

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SEO – Search Engine Optimization

With our comprehensive Local SEO growth plans and wide experience of Small Business & Enterprise Marketing you will be able to set up a solid SEO strategy to outperform your competitors.

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Review Management

Online reputation is really important in any business’ life. Let us skyrocket your reputation and reviews by industrial best practices.

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Amazon PPC Management

We thoroughly review every detail of your Amazon account and its selling history. We then create a list of each segment needing attention and plan of action for improvement. Once implemented we design a series of A/B tests – experimental changes to be applied to a segment in pursuit of better performance.

Case Study 1

Auction company

  • CTR increased by 197%
  • PPC traffic increased by 26%
  • Conversion increased by 31%

Case Study 2

Crating/Shipping company
  • CTR increased by 33%
  • PPC traffic increased by 6%
  • Conversion increased by 52%

Case Study 3

Landsacping company
  • CTR increased by 112%
  • PPC traffic increased by 339%
  • Conversion increased by 525%

Dallas PPC Management Experts With PROVEN Results

12AM is the Dallas based small-agency that’s been helping local Dallas businesses drive more traffic, customers and ROI. If your business is not generating NEW LEADS everyday we can help.

Saw A 350% Growth

We started working with Robert in January of 2014, and by January of 2015 our business had grown 350%! I credit a huge portion of this massive growth to Robert at 12AM.

Shane B.
Rusty By Design | Dallas

Landed A 5-yr Contract

With Robert’s efforts, we landed a 5 year contract with a major commercial plane builder equaling 1.2 million over the life of the contract. The customer said, “our ad kept coming up on the first page every time he did a search.
Don Theriot
Craters & Freighters | Dallas

Got A TV Interview

Our major TV station, channel 2, called for a visit to our location for an interview. This happened because of our Google AdWords, when doing a search for freight and shipping in Fort Myers we were listed several times on the first page.
Gary M.
Craters & Freighters | SW Florida

Our Approach Is Strategic + Targeted To YOUR Business

12AM Agency is quickly becoming a “go-to” small agency for Dallas based businesses. Wheather you’re a start-up or an established brand looking for MORE BUSINESS we can help. 

Certified Google Partner

We are proud to be recognized as a partner of Google Adwords, certified to manage Search, Display, Mobile, Video and Shopping Advertising on Google.com, search partners, and the Google Display Network. Adwords Account Managers at 12AM Agency are all required to have a higher level of screening, certification, training and product knowledge in PPC Management.

AdWords Management

AdWords requires ongoing attention to CPC bidding, keyword performance, ad copy, and quality scores. Managing ads within the network is a delicate balance of A/B testing, keyword targeting, audiences, remarketing, placements, demographics, ad-scheduling, device and location bid adjustments.

Knowing how to “connect the dots” correctly to meet your marketing goals takes experience and dedication. Strategically designed campaigns and ongoing PPC Management ensure your internet marketing goals are achieved.

Our Approach

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Conversion Tracking and ROI Optimization

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Google Ads are among the quickest ways to create new clients with a favorable ROI. The inquiry is, that which makes for a fantastic PPC Management plan?

From goal setting to campaign optimization and structure, you are going to be up and working with profitable PPC campaigns very quickly.

Before we dive in, let us define what PPC Management direction is and what it implies to your informed ROI-driven marketer.

What’s PPC Management?

PPC Management is really where 12AM – Your Dallas PPC Company oversees your organization’s entire PPC advertising strategy and funding.


At 12AM Agency we generally takes care of the following tasks:

Keyword search
Uncovering and identifying the key words your target viewers are looking for.

Target channels
Choosing which paid media stations to pursue. These may comprise Google Ads, Bing Ads, screen networks and perhaps even social media advertisements.

PPC observation
Assessing each effort and key words for efficacy, ensuring PPC campaigns are yielding a favorable ROI.

Competition analysis
Studying what the competition is doing, which keywords they are targeting and the advertisement creative they are using (to discover gaps they could fill in on their own).

Campaign optimization
Tracking campaign construction and optimizing centered on top performing keywords. By way of instance, if 10 percent of key words bring in nearly all company, you might choose to concentrate your budget on these key words to improve ROI.

Split testing
Continuous A/B testing of new ads and landing pages. Routine experiments across the total PPC funnel.

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Not every company has the funds to employ an in-house PPC supervisor. Therefore it can make more sense to employ a Dallas based Company for PPC Management — particularly if you’re new into the world of PPC (and media purchasing generally) or absence in-house tools to look after it yourself.

Now that you understand what PPC Management is, let us consider how to perform it efficiently within these three important locations.

  1. Establish Realistic & Data-Driven Goals

Successful PPC campaigns are based on clear roadmaps. To put it differently, you have to be aware of where you are going and what you would like to accomplish before you begin.

The very first step to this is understanding that your keywords. These metrics include:

  • Customer Lifetime Value (LTV)
  • Client Acquisition Costs (CAC)
  • Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)
  • Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Average Deal Size
  • Product Margins


ppc management company

No matter your “true north” metrics are, it is important that you use them as a reference for the success of your PPC management attempts. Additionally, it is important to comprehend how each one of those metrics impact each other. Just because you are getting a 500 percent ROAS does not mean that your merchandise margins are healthy consequently.

Additionally, it is very important to be realistic with your expectations. It is essential to be optimistic in your PPC ROI and take for the moon, but to anticipate a 1000% ROI right from the gate is unrealistic.

Therefore, just what are you expecting to get out of your PPC campaigns?

Potential goals include:

Increasing the amount of buys

If you are selling digital products or operating an ecommerce shop, getting site visitors to create a buy is the number one target.

Generating more leads

Should you provide B2B, high-ticket goods or specialist services, lead generation is probably your best aim. The objective of your PPC campaigns are to convert these visitors into qualified prospects which you could later nurture to customers.

Brand awareness

In case you are a new business or wish to keep top-of-mind on your business, PPC will help you do so. Obviously, this should stay a by-product rather than the target itself, as manufacturer construction does not necessarily lead straight to a favorable ROI.


With these strategic aims in your mind, we are able to reverse engineer each strategic element of PPC to achieve them. Begin this process with earnings objectives. By way of instance, your goal may be to make an additional $100,000 within the next quarter.

Then, identify your typical LTV or Average Purchase Value (AOV) to work out how many new clients you will want to achieve that earnings objective. In case your AOV is $170, as an instance, then you will have to create 589 new clients to achieve your earnings objective.


But, using LTV could be much more realistic metric. It can dramatically decrease the amount of clients you have to create, as it is the normal amount a client will deliver over the course of a year (or a few years).

With this acquisition aim in your mind, we can start to craft campaigns which will work for you. Identify keywords with adequate quantity to pull in the ideal amount (and type) of visitors. Use the information from your current merchandise and landing pages to forecast PPC conversion prices.

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  1. PPC Management Structure: cling to Google, But Do Not Follow

Google is a fantastic source of insight when organizing your company’s PPC campaigns. The issue is that your interests and theirs are not the same. Sure the insight they supply will result in a fantastic guide. However, you should not just follow them blindly.

Yes, Google will make it super easy to have things setup (by assessing your site for possible target key words so that you do not need to research yourself). Nonetheless, it’s intended to create them as much revenue as you can.

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The way to allow PPC campaign management in adwords

As soon as we’ve gone through initial installation, we will start refining and optimizing your PPC campaigns for greatest effectiveness. Here are the components to bear in mind:

The way to allow PPC campaign management in adwords

As soon as we’ve gone through initial installation, we will start refining and optimizing your PPC campaigns for greatest effectiveness. Here are the components to bear in mind:

Key terms

When we are getting started, your key word plan will probably resemble spaghetti on the wall. To put it differently, we are going to want to see what sticks. Once your campaigns are operating for some time, it is possible to create advertising groups that target specific keyword phrases. This has a massive influence on your whole PPC marketing funnel.

Ad Groups

Under the effort level, ad groups assist you to set advertisements together. This was made to handle which advertisements will be served together with which key words. By way of instance, digging into an effort for a particular product class, you’d create ad collections for all your products.

Ad Extensions

Take more SERP property with Ad Extensions. These include place extensions, telephone extensions and website extensions (as exemplified in the example below). By adding Advertisement Extensions, you create your ads more attractive and have a greater prospect of raising your Quality score.


Produce a campaign for certain places on your service or product. By way of instance, we might create one for branded provisions, many for your different products categories and yet another for rival stipulations.

Ad Copy

Your ad copy has to be optimized to entice the customers looking for your target key word. This means involving the key word in the headline and also such as copywriting components such as rewards, social evidence and urgency to make them do it.

Landing Pages

We need to generate specific landing pages for every one your campaigns. This is vital, because it bridges the gap between the searcher’s query along with the conversion. By addressing the particular needs of the searcher (so understanding their aim ), you are more inclined to build confidence and convert them to clients.


Each phase of your PPC funnel has to be quantified. This permits us to see that key words, ads and landing pages are functioning. When you understand what functions, you are able to re-allocate your financial plan to all those regions and supercharge your ROI.

Bear in mind, choosing the reigns is critical to get a positive ROI from your PPC campaigns. Google’s suggestions might be excellent method to seed your key word research, however you should not follow along blindly. Do your keyword research and pick those that make the most sense for your company objectives.


Your Dallas PPC Management Agency

  1. We Continuously Measure & Optimize to Supercharge Effects

We monitor your search query accounts using a keen eye on every month. We have to consider the next:

New keyword thoughts

Are there any key words appearing that function well you did not think about targeting during the installation period? Dallas based 12AM Agency will always look for them.

Negative key words

Google will serve your advertisements on keywords which don’t have any relevance to what you provide. We constantly add these to a list of negative keywords and phrases, to exclude these from the campaigns.

lead generation with ppc optimization

Top-performing keywords

These are your”cash” keywords — those who generate nearly all sales.

When we’ve recognized your top-performing key phrases, we will want to transfer these into their ad group. As a result, we are going to raise your score. A premium excellent score usually means a higher position on the SERPs in a lower price, which then usually means a larger ROI!

Landing page participation

Are there any landing pages which are”stickier” than others? Our colleagues search for sure variations which have a lower bounce speed and greater time-on-page.

Ad variant click-throughs

Which ads are doing the best? We split examine your backup to maximize your own headlines and copy to click-throughs.


Finally, which of your landing pages, advertisements and campaigns create the maximum conversions? Our PPC experts search for patterns in landing page layout and advertisement copy to emulate throughout your other advertising groups and campaigns.

With all this information in hand, we can make certain your long-term PPC management plan is optimized for perfection. We always make use of your top-performing resources and double-down on the ones that create nearly all traffic and earnings.


As you can see, PPC management is a strategic initiative — not a collection of expansion hacks. Profitable Google Ad campaigns signifies utilizing information to inform, boost and increase over the long term.

12AM is the Dallas based PPC agency that’s been helping local Dallas businesses drive more traffic, customers and ROI. If your business is not generating NEW LEADS everyday we can help.

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