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Your Organization Needs a Logo to Extend Your Brand in the Marketplace

Since so many of your customers (and potential customers) use social media on a regular basis and often rely on their social channels to learn about goods and services they want or need, it makes sense to meet them where they spend so much time.

Getting your company online with a website and maybe a blog is only part of your digital marketing strategy, after all. Customers find your website thanks to search engine optimization and a steady stream of useful and actionable content.

Getting them to visit your website is crucial for helping them learn more about your products or services. But getting customers to stay engaged requires a bit more effort and is more easily accomplished when you have good social media channels already established.

But how do you know when it’s time to outsource your social media campaigns to third parting marketing experts?

Social media is more than just tweeting about your new product line or to announce a new use for something you sell. Customers do want to hear about recent developments, to be sure, but they also will use social media to talk back to you (as well as share their opinions with fellow shoppers, friends and relatives).

If you’re not listening to them in your social channels on a regular basis, it may be too late before the word reaches you through more conventional means (such as a reporter calling you for comment about a Twitter storm surrounding your customer service snafu or product breakdown).

Clearly, if you lack employee resources to do this job effectively, you are doing yourself more harm than good.

For example, if you don’t have someone tasked with monitoring social media activity every day (including weekends and holidays), you could easily miss out on an important and highly public complaint from one or more customers. You also need a backup person to take care of social media when your primary contact is out sick or on vacation.

Your customers will use the most convenient method to communicate. You can’t rely on them calling your headquarters or emailing you when it’s so easy to vent on Facebook or Twitter about the bad experience they had. And when they have something great to say about your organization, you’ll want to respond with a “thank you” as quickly as possible.

When you recognize that social media for your company is an ongoing, daily task that requires fresh content as well as good listening skills, you may conclude that it’s best for you to let third party experts like the team at 12AM Agency take care of the heavy lifting.

We’d be happy to consult with you on putting out fresh social media updates to cross-promote your company’s website, blog posts and video updates. To learn more or to get started on a fresh social media campaign, please contact us today.

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