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Search Engine Optimization for Lawyers who want to Dominate the Legal Market

Search Engine Optimization for Lawyers can be challenging for law firms that want to achieve a page one ranking on Google. The law practice arena is a highly competitive market, and to be a successful lawyer, you have to always be on your toes working to make yourself and your law firm stand out among many others. With that in mind, here are a few valuable tips to help you with your law firm’s SEO strategy.

Analyze Your Law Firm Keywords

The keywords you use are immensely important elements for your Search Engine Optimization strategy. The goal is for your law firm’s website to be ranked high on the search page when customers search for legal services. If your keywords are not being searched for then you have a problem on your hands that needs to be solved. One of the first things to do is check which keywords are looked for consistently and optimize your website to include these words.

Start by listing the different legal services that your law firm offers and research each of them to find the most popular phrases people use to search for those services. You can use Google’s own search results to get valuable information.

Let’s do a quick exercise and pick one of the most popular legal services in the U.S from this list:

Most popular legal services:

  • Personal Injury Law
  • Labor and Employment Law
  • Family Law
  • Bankruptcy Law
  • Immigration Law
  • Insurance Law

Ok, let’s pick Personal Injury Law and do a quick Google search.

Search Engine Optimization for Lawyers
Search Engine Optimization for Lawyers
Google is making some recommendations based on what it believes are the most relevant queries related to your own search term.

From this recommendation we can pick:


  • Personal injury lawyer
  • Personal injury lawyer near me
  • Personal injury law firm
  • Personal injury lawyer + [location]


All of these recommendations would be used by people looking for a law firm or lawyer that specializes in Personal Injury Law. 

Search Engine Optimization for Lawyers content creation

Work on the Content

The content that you offer on your law firm’s website needs to be helpful and informative to your clients.  This content needs to be skillfully written so that it does not read as being self-promoting. 

Using the right keywords, creating optimal content regularly, and finding the most effective formats can all seem a bit overwhelming, however, there are Search Engine Optimization professionals, like 12AM Agency, who specialize in working with law firms and will ensure you have the best strategy to improve your firm’s niche SEO rankings.

Research Your Online Competition

Learning about online competition is a vital step in Search Engine Optimization for Lawyers and the battle for the top search rankings. This doesn’t mean you have to mimic other law firms’ content.  You want to keep what is unique about your law firm, not make it resemble your competitors. Competitor Research helps you see where you are and where you could be heading in terms of your online strategy.  Observing your competition can provide insight into both good and bad  online strategies.  All of which  provides you with useful information about your own firm's online positioning and that of your competition. It will be hard to improve your SEO if you don’t know what you are up against, so checking out their keywords is a good place to start. You can use tools like Moz Pro or Neil Patel to help with this research process.


If you want  to dominate the law practice marketplace you need a custom-tailored SEO strategy. You need to know where your competitors stand and what they have implemented in order to improve your keywords. Useful law-specific content is also vital in this mix because it engages visitors with your law firm’s website. If you are struggling to find the time or are unsure of your firm’s Search Engine Optimization strategy then hiring an expert SEO Agency, like 12AM, is the best way to drive your website to the front page of Google.

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