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PPC Trends 2019-2020

Stay ahead of the curve with these PPC advertising trends

If you run a website that focuses on monetizing something, such as selling a product or service, you are surely familiar with PPC (pay per click) advertising campaigns. You may be familiar with all of the different advertising platforms out there, as well, and that list has grown in the last year.


Using the power of targeted marketing with the latest PPC trends, you can get your products or services in front of people who are already interested in them. There are all sorts of different advertising platforms out there now, from Facebook Ads, to Google Ads, as well as Twitter ads, Instagram ads, LinkedIn ads, Reddit ads, Pinterest ads, and even YouTube video ads.


There is no shortage online anymore for places that you should be turning your attention to, and all of these platforms are good options for spending your advertising dollars, because each of these platforms has a built in audience of millions (and even billions) of people who use these platforms every single day to discover new content.


If you’re someone who runs advertisements for your business online, it is important for you to be informed of some of the new trends happening in the online advertising space. Staying informed will help you to change and adapt when needed, as well as just be able to take advantage of any new features or some cool new tool you may not have been aware of before. Check out some of these new trends in the PPC advertising space:

Automation in Advertising

Big companies like Google have put quite a bit of money into automation options for PPC advertising. Automation in PPC advertising can be a huge way to improve the performance of your advertising campaigns, and we only expect to see this trend grow as machine learning and artificial intelligence becomes more prevalent.

With PPC automation, you’ll need to learn how to work the algorithms to your benefit. Remember, you are going to be assisting in machine learning, so feed the algorithms plenty of good content. Solid ad copy, conversion tracking, and all the usual flair should be added into your advertising campaigns. Do everything you can to effectively target relevant audiences and keywords for your ad campaign.

With PPC automation, you will be able to give a lot more to do to the machines and free up some of your own time to work on other things. While automation efforts in PPC aren’t currently the best, they are a work in progress and can be a good option for you to try if you want to get into learning advertising automation early and be a step ahead when this trend really takes off.

Remember, though, you don’t want to be too hands off with your advertising if using automation, as no system is perfect. You will still want to double check and fine tune certain bits of your advertising campaigns, even if using automation tools.

PPC trends - Automation in Advertising

Smart Bidding

What is known as “smart bidding” is an automated bidding system controlled by machine learning and artificial intelligence. Smart bidding uses machine learning algorithms to check and optimize conversions, as well as conversion values in online auctions.

Some of the things this works with is Enhanced Cost per Click campaigns (known as CPC), Target Cost per Acquisition (known as CPA), and Return on Ad Spend (also known as ROAS). Going into the year of 2020, we only expect to see smart bidding become even more of a trend, and it wouldn’t even be a shock to see manual bidding for ad space become a thing of the past. This isn’t all bad, however, as it will allow online advertisers and marketers to move their efforts into other spaces, such as analytics.

Amazon is Heading into the Paid Advertising Space

One of the biggest things about to shake up the online paid advertising space is going to be the emergence of Amazon into the market. Google and Facebook are still the biggest giants in the online advertising world, but Amazon is pulling up behind in a close third spot, and Amazon ads are displayed both on and off of Amazon, which has only boosted their popularity with online retailers.

Amazon has one huge advantage over the behemoths such as Facebook and Google, however, is buyer intent. Amazon already has millions of prospective buyers searching for products every single day, making purchases with their wallets. This is an advantage that Facebook and Google don’t have. People searching on Amazon are coming prepared to make a purchase, and that can make all the difference in the world when it comes to advertising campaigns.

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Social Media is Only Getting Bigger

It is vastly important in the online advertising space to never underestimate the power social media can have in your online advertising campaigns. These platforms have huge built in audiences, with millions upon millions of daily visitors.

This means social media platforms like Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram need to be some of your first stops for your online advertising campaigns. You don’t need to just select one social media platform, either. You should build a page for your business on all of the major social media platforms, then you can run advertising campaigns on any single one of them, running targeted advertising campaigns to millions of people that are already going to visit that platform every single day.

Social media can be a gold mine for the internet marketer, so if you aren’t currently utilizing it for your advertising campaigns, you should get started today!

Direct Audience Targeting

Direct targeting is another big thing in recent PPC Trendsthat is only going to continue getting bigger in 2020 and onward. With direct targeting, you can target people based on a number of different factors. For example, you could target people for your ad campaign that are all in a certain age range, live in a certain city or state, follow a certain brand or individual, or share an interest in a certain topic.

Direct targeting is an invaluable tool that enables online advertisers to get their products right in front of the eyes of people who may already be interested in them. This means you won’t have to spend as much on customer acquisition, and start marketing right to the people who are most likely to make a purchase right off the bat.

Direct Audience Targeting

Paid Voice Search Advertising

Paid voice search advertising hasn’t hit the mainstream just yet, but many expect to see it become a growing trend in 2020 and onward. With the rise of artificial intelligence voice assistants like Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Assistant, and Microsoft’s Cortana, it is only a matter of time before paid voice search advertising becomes a trend.

Paid voice search advertising will enable online marketers to get their products or services in front of people who are searching for them using their artificial intelligence voice assistants. This could mean people could become aware of your brand just by asking Siri, Alexa, Assistant, or Cortana for local recommendations or reviews.

Start Taking Advantage of These PPC Trends Today!

If you are an online marketer, you are already well aware of how quickly trends can change in the online advertising space. It is important for you to stay on top of these trends and have plans to adapt if you need to.

Being able to change with the times and adapt to new advertising trends and strategies allows you to stay ahead of the game and have contingency plans for all the different platforms that you can be marketing on, and this is invaluable knowledge for your business. Knowing where your customers and prospective customers are gathering allows you to go straight to them for your marketing efforts, and that is one of the most invaluable tools in any online marketer’s repertoire!  

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