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If you’re like most law firms, the largest obstacle standing in the way of your firm’s success is acquiring new clients. Just look at the evidence. Studies found that 75% of law firms with less than 30 attorneys cite client acquisition as their most significant challenge. However, 71% of those firms also said they weren’t doing anything to address this issue. 

This is why Legal Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management is so crucial to the success of your firm. 

Today’s clients, especially those between the ages of 18 and 44, are 69% more likely to hire an attorney with an active online presence. However, outdated marketing methods are holding firms back from reaching their full potential. Too many attorneys don’t spend enough time or effort on connecting with the audience on social media. They depend too much on old-fashioned networking and lack faith in the effectiveness of SEO generated content. 

Legal PPC Management is designed specifically to challenge those areas of contention. Through effective strategy, it leads prospective clients to your website, encouraging them to call or book an appointment with you or a member of your firm. It’s easily one of the most effective strategies for promoting your firm and generating new leads. 

At 12AM, we’re experts in digital marketing for attorneys. Using a very hands-on approach, we constantly tweak and adjust your PPC campaign and marketing strategy because we know that managed campaigns consistently deliver better results than those that are set to run on autopilot. 

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Why You Should Invest in Legal PPC Management

The first lawyers to place an advertisement in an American newspaper were Arizona attorneys John Bates and Van O’Steen in 1976. Despite never being done before, the marketing ploy worked, bringing in a plethora of new clients and saving their practice from failure.

While Bates and O’Steen set the precedent with their controversial newspaper ad, you’re not breaking the same ground. Prospective clients are continuously inundated with legal advertisements on every available billboard, bus stop bench, and bus banner, not to mention all the newspaper, TV, radio and online ads. To compete, you need more than a website and a handful of social media accounts. You need a strategy that will give you the online visibility you need, while being memorable and targeting the clients you want to work with.

At 12AM Agency, we know you have a really important job – representing your clients and giving them the best legal advice possible. So, let us handle your digital marketing. We target the type of clients you want to work with based on specific criteria such as keyword search history and geographic location. Our digital marketing experts know how to utilize pay-per-click campaigns effectively and efficiently, promoting your services to the right audience and driving your conversion rate up.

In fact, we recently increased one law firm’s conversion rate by 500%! Want to see the evidence? Of course, you do. You’re an attorney.

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What’s in it for You?

As legal PPC management and advertising specialists, we’re committed to creating customized campaigns that best suit you and your law firm. As such, these are some of the benefits of running a pay-per-click campaign:

Measurability – You’ll be able to track the effectiveness and efficiency of your campaign so you know exactly where you stand on your return-on-investment (ROI). 

A/B Split Testing – We know every law firm is different and your marketing campaign should be too. We test different ad types with variable copy to see which resonates with your target audience. This practice guarantees the best use of your budget and reduces ad revenue waste.

Tracking – While most prospective clients begin their legal search online, nearly 75% of them usually make first contact by picking up the phone and dialing their chosen law firm. We’ll track these calls with a special number (at no cost to you) to monitor the effectiveness of the PPC campaign.

Results – We’re always 100% transparent with your digital marketing campaign actions and results. A fully detailed report will be provided every month and we offer full visibility any time you request it.

Scalability – An effective PPC campaign produces positive results quickly with minimal changes to your workforce or administrative responsibilities.  To generate the amount of leads you need, we can adjust your strategy by modifying your bidding plan, keyword research and landing pages.

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Remarketing Your Legal Practice

Studies have found that 87% of purchasing decisions begin with online research. When someone is looking for legal counsel, they don’t always choose the first lawyer they come across. They do the research, judging and critiquing your firm’s online presence before making a decision. Because of this, there’s a lot of back-clicking as they go from search engine to attorney site and back again looking for the firm that best suits their specific needs.

To target this type of prospect, we use remarketing strategies to keep you at the forefront of their mind for when they are ready to make a final decision. It focuses less on click-through rate (CTR) and more on creating lasting impressions. 

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Benefits of PPC Advertising for Law Firms

  • Improve your target audience accuracy
  • Tailor your campaigns for specific audiences
  • Capture your audience’s attention
  • Increase lead conversions
  • Maximize your ROI
  • Reduce your cost per acquisition (CPA)
  • Outbid your competitors
  • Gain an advantage over the competition

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Our Credentials

12AM Agency is a Google Premier Partner with AdWords certified marketers. We create legal-focused text ads, display ads, video ads and banner advertising that stand out and connect with your target audience. Our legal marketing and advertising specialists utilize their knowledge to make sure your advertising extensions, targeting options and bidding strategies maximize PPC functionality for your specific sub-target within the broader legal marketing audience. Whether you practice family, criminal, immigration or labor law, our PPC experts help you expand your practice by increasing your online presence and generating new leads. 

We also specialize in social media PPC advertising for Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Our team of experts work with you to develop legal-focused social media strategies that are relevant, engaging and most important, truthful. This creates a relationship with your target audience that builds you up as an community and industry leader and a legal practice they can trust.

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