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Where does PPC Fit into Your Law Firm's Marketing Strategy?

Legal services is a highly competitive and costly industry, which is why PPC campaigns should be carefully planned. PPC marketing is a quick way for lawyers to obtain high-quality leads. You can use this tool to acquire clients fast and appear on sites for keywords you are targeting specifically.

With the help of a digital marketing agency, you can launch and maintain successful PPC campaigns for your law firm in Texas. Experts will help prospective clients find you exactly when they are searching for you.

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PPC In Your Marketing Strategy

When you are aiming to grow your law firm, PPC allows you to target the bottom of the funnel keywords and acquire leads quickly. However, PPC works best when you have an SEO strategy as well. PPC tends to generate quick results while SEO strategies are long term. Allowing PPC to serve as a guide for your SEO strategy will let you find the right keywords, call to actions, and selling points that are most effective. 


PPC helps your law firm perform better in overall search engine visibility. It doesn’t just help with conversion and traffic, but also with building trust with potential clients. With PPC and SEO strategies, you can help your law firm if there are any negative reviews. Our approach will help push down any negative comments or reviews that would appear in paid and organic search engine results. 

Where To Start With PPC

Some things to keep in mind when working with PPC are paid search campaigns. These campaigns will allow you to appear in search results for specific keywords that can be based on some of the legal services you provide. You also want to target specific locations for clients near your area in Texas. Budgeting, Ads, optimizations, tracking, and more areas are managed by digital marketing experts and they can guide you throughout the process. 

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PPC With 12AM Agency

We understand that you have a lot in your hands managing your law firm, which is why we want to help you have a successful marketing strategy with PPC. At 12AM Agency, we set goals and metrics for your campaigns and will follow through with them. We guarantee that we will optimize your campaigns regularly to ensure maximum quality. We can help you reach prospective clients in your area. 



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