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How To Optimize My PPC Campaign For My Law Firm During COVID-19?

Our lives had changed dramatically a few weeks ago when COVID-19 became a pandemic all over the world. This situation has affected all types of businesses, and people are staying at home to avoid getting infected. 

In the case of PPC campaigns, they have been affected too. Customer's online behavior has changed and an increase in search of the most recent news and in real-time. Every business that uses PPC to promote their business in search engines and social media has to transform its campaigns to be noticed in the new search trends. 

If you own a law firm in Texas and you use PPC marketing, you can notice these changes too. But, even though your cases are falling, you still have a chance to survive in the market because people will always need legal services. You just have to know how to optimize your PPC campaigns for your law firm during COVID-19, and that's what we want to share with you today in this blog post. 

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Make PPC Work For Your Law Firm During COVID-19 

Now with the COVID-19, you as a firm have to adapt your PPC campaigns to the current behaviors that customers are taking online. Here are some tips you can follow to improve your law firm's PPC campaign during COVID-19. 

1. Share That Your Law Firm Is Taking The Necessary Precautions

People care about what companies are doing to prevent the spread of coronavirus, and sometimes, that's the first thing they look for in a company before deciding to work with them. If you communicate the measures you're taking in your PPC campaigns, you have more possibilities to catch the attention of possible customers online. 

2. Inform That All Consultations Are By Phone And/Or Free Of Charge

People are opting for services that don't require going to the company. You, as a law firm, can offer consultations by phone and free of charge to give your clients safety and a more beneficial solution. This way, they won't have excuses not to choose your law firm among the rest.

3. Optimize To Lower Cost 

During COVID-19, you have to be careful about the changes in keywords, locations, etc. If you optimize your law firm's PPC campaigns with the right features, you're going to succeed and lower your costs. And this is the primary goal of any business with their PPC campaigns.

Need Help To Optimize Your Law Firm's PPC Campaigns?

If you need help to optimize your law firm's PPC campaigns, you can count on the 12AM Agency. We are experts in PPC, and we are always up to date with the trends of the moment. So, if you want to improve your law firm in Texas through PPC services during COVID-19, give us a call.


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