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Are your law firm SEO services generating enough leads?

SEO for lawyers is difficult, but not impossible. It helps your law firm website stand from the crowd and rank on page one in Google's SERPs (search engine result pages). Some lawyers will do their own SEO, some others will hire law firm SEO services from an agency or an SEO expert, but regardless of what they decide to do, there will be a moment when they will ask themselves: Are we getting enough leads from SEO?

Law firm marketing agencies will most likely give you monthly performance reports that show the amount of leads/conversions your website has gotten through organic traffic. In order to do this, the SEO company must first set up goals in Google Analytics properly and measure all types of leads (phone calls, contact forms, subscriptions, etc.) This will not only track organic leads but every single traffic source generating them. This will help you and your agency compare the SEO performance to social media campaigns, email campaigns, and even Google Ads.

Is SEO bringing the right type of traffic to your website?

Like everything in the digital marketing landscape, it depends. Sure, every law firm would love to only have visitors interested in their services, but the truth is, most of them will not contact them. At least not on their first visit. We can categorize visitors by their search intent:

  • Informational
  • Navigational
  • Transactional
  • Commercial Investigation

Understanding that you will be getting traffic from all of these search intents will help you plan a conversion path that can turn "informational visitors" into potential clients.

Law SEO starts with Keyword Research

As we mentioned in a previous article, you need to analyze your law firm keywords. The best SEO for law firms starts with proper research and planning. Make sure to write down an initial list of keywords related to your business, your services, and your niche. Once you have this list you can start researching their most important metrics (search volume, competitiveness, CTR). Keep local SEO in mind when creating your keyword list, since ranking locally should be your main goal.

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Create content around your target keywords

If you want to rank in Google in 2020, you need to be the most relevant result for the query. First and foremost, that means creating content that aligns with search intent. Your website should have the most relevant content for your potential clients, regardless of their search intent.

Think about the user experience

Search engines will measure your bounce rate as part of their algorithm, so if users are not finding what they are looking for, or if your website is not loading fast enough, your bounce rate will be affected. This is why search engine optimization has to keep load time and UX in mind at all times. Law firm SEO is all about getting in your clients' shoes and finding any obstacle that may interfere between them and your business goals.


If your SEO efforts are not generating the number of leads you were expecting you can always hire an SEO Agency like 12AM that specializes in attorney SEO. We have been working with many law firms around the country, bringing them to the first page on Google with an effective plan, custom-built for each of them. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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