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How To Market Your Law Firm During COVID-19?

Now with the COVID-19, businesses have been affected and have been forced to redirect their marketing strategies. In the case of law firms, it’s the same thing. Not as much as other businesses like gyms or restaurants, but they have been affected in some way. 

If you own a law firm in Texas, you can still get out of the current situation by implementing new marketing strategies. People still need legal help, but you need to know how to reach out to them. 

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3 Ways To Market Your Law Firm During COVID-19

If you want to market your law firm during COVID-19, we are going to show you three ways that can help you gain visibility and with that paying clients. 

1. Turn your attorneys into visible experts online

Have you noticed that well-recognized thought leaders always get more business? The key to being one is to give the information your clients need. Lawyers should have an extensive bio, a list of key accomplishments, and a professional photograph. You need to show your notable cases; you need to show them why you are their best option and how you have helped a lot of people like them. 

2. Show your best reviews online

According to, consumers (88%) trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Google, Facebook, and Yelp are the three social sites you should focus on as a law firm. You can send those reviews through emails, post them on social media, or your website, and you’ll generate more trust among your visitors. 

3. Improve your website and use SEO strategies

According to, 96% of people look for legal advice through search engines, and 74% of consumers visit a law firm’s website to take action. That’s why it is so crucial that you keep your website up to date and with relevant and helpful information for visiting clients. 

SEO is an effective way to increase your visibility in the search engines. If you hire an SEO agency like 12AM Agency, you’ll be able to focus on your daily responsibilities while we improve your website’s visibility with excellent SEO strategies. You are going to reach the people you are interested in and transform those visitors into leads.

Advertise Your Law Firm With 12AM Agency 

If you want to use SEO strategies to increase your website traffic, you can count on the experts of 12AM Agency. We’ve been helping a lot of law firms’ websites in Texas grow their visibility in the search engines to be found by potential clients. Don’t waste time and enjoy the benefits of SEO with the help of 12AM Agency.


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