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How to Create a Google Shopping Feed in Magento 2

Here at 12AM Agency, we love managing PPC campaigns for Magento Merchants who want to expand their business and improve their ROI. We understand how difficult it can be to run a successful business while keeping a close eye on your Google Ads campaigns and optimizing them properly.

In this article, we will talk about creating a Google Shopping Feed in your Magento 2 store, so your products sync automatically with your Google Merchants Account. 

Google Shopping allows Magento Merchants to advertise their products on one of the most important Ad Platforms in the world: Google Ads. Google Shopping provides shoppers the opportunity to browse a variety of products based on their search query. The great thing about it is that once users click on any of your products, they are taken to your website to complete the purchase. Having a Google Shopping Feed will make sure that your product information is synchronized on both platforms. 

So, now that you understand what Google Shopping is, we will show you how to create a google shopping feed in Magento 2.

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Register and use Google Merchant

First of all, you need a Google Merchant Account. 

  • Go to and login with your Google account. 
  • Create a Google Merchants Account
  • Add your Business Information
    • Business display name
    • Website
    • Business Address
    • Customer service contact
  • Verify and claim your website using an HTML tag, Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager

That’s it! Congratulations, you have created your Google Merchants Account successfully. Now we’ll work on that product feed we’ve been talking about so much.

Create Product Feed in Google Merchant

So, the best way to make sure that your Magento store and Google Shopping are showing the same product information is by creating an XML file on your website that can be accessed by your Google Merchants account. That way, if you add new products to your catalog, or if you run out of stock or even change the price on a specific product, Google will automatically know about it and update what they show on their platform.

Do I need an extension to export my products from Magento to Google Shopping?

Magento 2 doesn’t come with a built-in feature to export your product information to Google Shopping, so you will need to use an extension. We love using an extension called Google Shopping Feeds made by a company called Rocket Web. It’s $299, but it will be worth every penny. 

This is where it gets a bit technical, so bear with us.


Prepare your Merchant Account

Step 1: Create an FTP account within Google Merchant Center (Settings>SDTP/FTP/GCS)

Step 2: Create a link to your Google Ads account (Settings>Linked Accounts)

Step 3: Set the tax rules similar to your Magento tax zones (Settings>Sales Tax


Configure the Google Shopping feed

Step 1: On Magento, go to Products>Rocket Shopping Feeds click on the arrow next to Create New,  select Google Shopping.

Step 2: Set the target Store View

Step 3: Check the Columns Map tab and add/remove any column to match your catalog setup.

Step 4: Categorize products under the Categories Map tab (check Google’s Product Taxonomy for the US to make sure you find the right one for each product)

Step 5: Set your shipping rates. This is where you can select shipping rates in basic shipping methods like: flat_rate, table_rates, free_shipping.

Step 6: Select your targeted Country

Step 7: Set Run Schedule and Uploads by going to the Run Schedule Tab>Add Schedule and pick an hour where the feed should refresh.

Step 8: Go to the Uploads tab and use the Add Account button. Fill in the FTP account details you created at the beginning and save the page.


Now we need to connect the feed to Google Merchant Center

Step 1: Go to Products>Feeds and add a new feed under Primary Feeds.

Type = Products

Country of sale = your store sales country. Should correspond to the Feed Localization and Feed Currency set earlier

Language = select your store language

Destination = Shopping

Name = Use the same name you used on Magento, so you don’t get confused later on

Input method = Upload

File name = put the file name created by Magento. You will find the .txt file name in Products>Feeds Management


Step 2: Generate the feed by clicking on Run Now in the feed management screen in Magento, under the Action column

Step 3: Check back on the Merchant Center and see if the number of items processed matches the feed you created on Magento.

Congratulations! You have successfully created a Google Shopping feed in Magento 2.



You might find it a bit confusing, but that’s when an agency like 12AM comes in handy. Our group of eCommerce experts do this every day, so let us handle your Shopping Campaigns, while you focus on running your business. 

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