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We know you get asked that question all the time but let’s be honest – no matter how you answer, wouldn’t you like to give a more positive response? At 12AM, we understand how difficult it is to get new leads and build your client list. That’s why we’re offering you the tool you need to do the job right.

Local Service Ads from Google Local Services is an advertising platform that puts your business at the top of Google Search, creating valuable and credible leads that quickly convert to new clients.

Why Should You Use Google Local Services?

In a 2019 survey, 44% of homeowners (and 63% of Millennial homeowners) reported regret concerning their home purchase. Their biggest complaint? Unexpected maintenance and hidden costs. The good news is that their concern means more business opportunities for you.

Despite their DIY attitude, Millennials have the least experience of any generation when it comes to common home repairs. However, because of the costs associated with home repairs, Baby Boomers and Generation X are the ones that call home service professional the most often. However, that doesn’t mean Millennials don’t call for professional help once they realize they’re in over their heads.

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This is why you need Google Local Services. Let’s look at a few important statistics:

  • 86% of prospects read online reviews for local businesses before they make a decision (including 95% of Millennials)
  • 57% of prospects will only use a business if it has a rating of 4 stars or better
  • 91% of Millennials put just as much trust into an online review as they do a personal recommendation
  • 86% of prospects will read a business’ response to reviews 

By using Google Local Services, you’ll connect with the customers that choose you, build trust with the Google Guarantee and positive ratings and reviews and leverage the rising popularity of voice search.

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How Does Google Local Services Work?

Google Local Service Ads (LSA) aren’t based on keyword search. Instead, the platform uses your home location and your job or industry categories such as locksmith, plumber, electrician, HVAC service or garage door repair. 

Once registered, your LSA will appear at the top of Google’s search results based on your proximity to the client, your Google My Business rating / number of reviews and your responsiveness to the prospects that reach out to you through the ad. Per design, your ad only features your company name, reviews, home city, phone number, hours of operation and the Google Guarantee.

Instead of the traditional pay-per-click strategy, Local Service Ads operate on a pay-per-lead model, tracking the leads that come in as telephone calls and messages through the ad. The platform allows you to respond to messages, track bookings and manage your leads through the Android and iOS apps. 

Local Services advertisers also get a Google Guaranteed Badge, premium promotion and a profile page with real testimonials – all the tools you need to build a successful and legitimate online reputation. 

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The Google Guarantee

To guarantee customer satisfaction, all Google Guarantee providers are pre-screened with a variety of background checks for the business, business owner and employees. Plus, Google requires certain insurance, licensing and advanced certification requirements before approving the provider for Google Local Services. 

Once you meet their guidelines and requirements, the Google Shield will be added to your business name on your profile page identifying your business as a Google Guarantee professional. 

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