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E-A-T - The Secret Sauce To Top Ranking Online Content

Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness

One of the biggest changes to SEO in recent times is ‘E.A.T’ or expertise, authority, and trustworthiness. This shift in SEO best practices presents opportunities for authentic businesses. Tactics like keyword stuffing no longer allow less than reputable marketers to skip the queue and jump to the Google  front page.

Googles emphasis on EAT means a better experience for buyers searching for products and services on the internet. Under EAT, websites are classified in a number of categories. Of all those categories, the most important is ‘YMYL’, an acronym for ‘your money, your life.’ If you run a financial, medical, or similar service where the buyer’s investment has a major positive or negative effect on their lives, you fall under the remit of YMYL.

Google accepts no less than the highest level of EAT for a YMYL site but even if your site doesn’t fall into that category, it’s essential  your site has a very high level of EAT if you want your content to get in front of the right prospects.

Vital Steps To Improving The E-A-T Of Your Content

So what is Google looking for when evaluating your content? They look for:

High Quality Main Content

Main content refers to text, images, video, or interactive tools that form the main purpose of each page on your site. For example, the main content of an ESPN article is the heading, subheading, and explanatory text that informs the reader what the article is about.

If you come across a ESPN article on the NFL, you would expect it to be well written, timely, accurate, and authored by a highly reputable sports journalist.

The same rule applies to whatever field or audience your content is designed for.

Be it text, video, or other forms of main content, it must be beneficial to the user. If you want to show the benefits of your product or service, there must be demonstrable evidence in the form of independent reviews and objective recommendations from respected institutions.

google e-a-t

Let People Know Who The Content Creator Is

Think of a good LinkedIn profile. There’s a good picture, a concise bio, and plenty of information on the individuals background. Author profiles reassure readers you are qualified to create content.

If you’re just starting out, it can be difficult to show EAT. Try to build up reviews by offering services to friends and family in exchange for genuine, publishable feedback.

A good way to demonstrate expertise as a newcomer is to write blogs. By understanding the user intent of your audience, you can produce unique, informative content that draws them in.

Good Supplemental Content

UX design is as important as your main content. Each page should have a layout that enhances user experience while emphasizing the main content. Make sure you have a robust system in place to eliminate malware and hacking. Ensure your site is on secure servers.

A well maintained, user-friendly, and safe website with high quality content, unbiased reviews and a good external reputation cultivated through exceptional service, more than fulfills the requirements of EAT.

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