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8 Reasons Why SMBs Should Work with a Digital Marketing Agency: Part 1

Small to medium businesses (SMBs) face unique struggles and challenges as they start-up and grow. An effective digital marketing strategy is key to any business’ growth as they work to reach more customers and increase their brand recognition.

However, the cost, time, effort, and expertise required of a truly effective and robust digital marketing strategy is something that many SMBs are not capable of at their size. Their budgets and staff have no room for a digital marketing team.

Digital marketing agencies are the answer to SMBs’ problem. Allowing an agency to handle your digital marketing strategy not only provides your business with new leads and customers through your new marketing campaign but frees up your time and budget to scale your business even more.

Here are a few reasons why SMBs should work with a digital marketing agency.

Full-Time Attention

When you have digital marketing staff, there will be times when they are sick or take vacations. When you work with an agency, you’re guaranteed someone is working on your account, ensuring that your campaign remains optimal and running at all times.



The cost of a digital marketing team is high. The salaries of digital marketers, SEO specialists, social media managers, and content writers range from $35,000 to $70,000 — each. Even with a bare-bones team to handle just one digital marketing campaign successfully, you’re looking at over $100,000 in salaries; and this does not include benefits, vacations, etc.

Even if you are able to pay for a couple of teams, they may only be able to run a simple campaign on one or two platforms. The cost of recruiting and training these employees only adds to these costs.

If you hire an agency, you are guaranteed a full team of experts for a flat rate. No recruiting, no training, no benefits, and no worries.

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The Outsider’s Perspective

Living and working in an echo chamber does your business no favors. Getting an outsider’s opinion on the right digital marketing strategy for your business will push you to consider new strategies and technologies that your business can benefit from.

Easier to Scale

Growing your business when you have 2+ digital marketer salaries and only vaguely effective campaigns becomes difficult. When you delegate your digital marketing to an agency, you save money to use for growth and get a robust digital marketing campaign that’s constantly being optimized for your success, bringing you new customers all the time.


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