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7 Ultra-effective SEO Content Creation Trends

A guide to create exceptional content

Things are moving really fast in the digital marketing and you are likely to be left stranded if you don’t keep abreast with the changes as a content marketer. One of the most notable current trends is content marketing. Content marketers have taken their work more seriously than ever before; with 56% of them increasing their SEO content creation spending in the last one year.

In case you want to create good SEO Content, there are several trends you need to follow to stay ahead of the competition. Here are some of them:

1. Creating exceptional content

Gone are the days when content marketers would create content just for the sake of keeping their blogs alive. If you do that today, you’ll be just missing out on great opportunities because your site won’t be able to beat the search engine ranking competition from sites with high quality content.

The 2018-2019 algorithm updates show that Google is now more focused on website content as one of its ranking factors like never before. This is confirmed by Eric Enge, Perficient Digital’s general manager, following the analysis he did on various sites. He observed that websites with outstandingly high-quality content ranked highly on search engine search results as compared to those with low-quality content.

Therefore, if you are creating blogs and web content to improve the visibility of your website on search engine result pages, you need to ensure that the content has high chances of moving, motivating and connecting with people before you publish it.

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2. Content personalization

Content personalization, which is also referred to as customization, is a strategy that involves the use of the data of visitors of an online marketing platform such as a website or social media page to create content that’s customized for different people in your target audience. The resulting content is based on the interests and motivations of the audience.

In Research conducted by Econsultancy , 68% of the marketers who were involved say that content that is personalized according to behavioral data have a remarkable influence on the return on investment. Besides, 74 of the respondents say that content personalization has a high influence on audience/customer engagement.

A survey by Evergage shows that about 93% of the modern-day marketers incorporate this content personalization in their digital marketing methods. Content specialization aims at addressing the specific needs of different members of the target audience.

It is like walking in a coffee shop and the seller addresses you by your name and even mentions your favorite coffee even before you request for it.

Same case applies to the online world. Don’t you feel valued when you receive a message from a website addressing you by your names? Definitely, it’s an awesome personal touch. It’s the same experience when you visit a website and you are quickly recommended the specific content or products that you are looking for.

In other words, personalized content is a user experience shortcut for connecting your target audience members with the information they need in a swifter manner. The quicker user access to the relevant information increases lead conversion probability.

According to a recent study by Capgemini, over 60% of online shoppers say that they are impressed when an online seller recalls their personal as well as payment information. According to the respondents, it is faster and easier for them to make a purchase when a seller remembers such information pertaining them.

In content personalization content creators develop different content for different pages to serve different users depending on the personal data that is in the hands of the marketers. The data include their browsing history, preferences and demographic information.

If your target market comprises different segments, content personalization will be very effective for you. Unlike a homogenous audience which one-size-fits-all approach can work, a varied audience requires a more customized approach to reach the heart of different people by uniquely appealing to their personal needs.

You can incorporate personalized content marketing technique in your social media post, newsletters, webinars and automated email content as well as in your web copies.

You are wondering how to get the necessary data for content personalization? Well, you can place remarketing/internet cookies on the browsers of your site’s visitors, use questionnaire, conduct social media data harvesting or get the info from focus groups.

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3. Content diversification

People are different and have various preferred ways of consuming media. There are those who prefer reading to watching a video and vice versa. Others like a blend of the two methods of content delivery. As such, you should consider your diverse audience preferences in your content creation.

According to a recent survey by Nielsen, the adults (over 18) who live in the U.S spend more than 6 hours watching online video content. The scenario could be almost the same globally. Since the rule of thumb in marketing is to be where your audience is, most modern-day marketers incorporate video content such as YouTube videos and live videos alongside the common traditional methods (blogging and articles) in their digital marketing methods.

Putting up only one type of content on your site will just leave your audience bored. Instead, include other types of media, including videos, infographics, galleries, and podcasts. You can research to determine where your audience mostly hangs out and the media types it prefers for you to make more informed decisions as far as content diversification is concerned.

4. Using keywords to answer your audience’s questions

In the past decades, matching keyword phrases was very common for effective SEO, as search engines were not as focused on consumer experiences as they are today. As long as your site had relevant keywords thrown here and there, you could expect good ranking on search engine result pages.

Today’s SEO is more consumers oriented. It’s no longer about getting a high amount of traffic to your site, but high lead conversion as well. So, instead of using keywords just to bring high traffic, it is important to make sure that your content keywords answer the questions that your audience has. Such keywords are called target keywords.

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For you to establish the most appropriate target keywords around which you can create content, you need to do several things. First, know your audience segment. Then, find out the information they require and why they need it. Finally, you have to establish the keywords they use to find the information.

Unless you optimize your SEO content with targeted keywords, it won’t get to your target consumers.

5. Natural use of keywords

Once you get the best targeted keywords, it is now time to create content around them. Although some SEO expert claim that there’s no limitation as far as the number of keywords per content is concerned, keyword stuffing can lead the downgrading of your site by search engines. Several recent studies reveal that three keywords or phrases per content page is the best keyword density. Also, ensure that you use the target keywords as naturally as you can to in your website content or blog post to help the search engines to find out what a page is all about quickly.

6. Creating authentic content

Authenticity is a buzzword in today’s marketing as through offering authentic content, you are able to win potential and existing clients’ hearts- winning their loyalty. In a Stackla survey conducted in 2019, 90% of consumers say that authenticity has much to do for them to support and like their favorite brands.

Considering the importance of authenticity in their marketing strategies, content marketers strive to create authentic content. However, although according to Stackla survey, 92% of marketers believe that they create authentic content, about 51% of consumers say that they believe it’s only less than 50% of all brands use genuine and original content in their marketing.

Therefore, if you are looking for the most sure-fire ways of improving the popularity and visibility of your business blog, website or social media for increased leads and lead conversions, you can’t afford to fail to be authentic in your content creation.
Come up with new and unique ways to explain complex subjects within your niche. Be honest. Create your content in a way that resonates with different people. Be creative (you can incorporate visuals like original screenshots, comic strips and/of infographics) to make your content appear truthful and different from others addressing the same subject.

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7. Ongoing testing and maintenance

Considering that search engines algorithms are dynamic and the constantly increasing online competition, you need to keep your online presence abreast with the changes happening in the online world. The content that made your website hit the first position of search engine result pages (SERPs) could be taken over by time and event, causing the site to lose relevance on the search engines.

As such, continuous website content and keyword modification and addition are paramount for your site to stay ahead of the competition. Otherwise, the website will stall or its performance will decline.

Those are some of the major SEO content creation trends you should consider following to improve your online visibility. In case you need help on these, among other SEO Services, don’t hesitate to contact 12AM Agency. We are just a click/call away and ready to help get all your SEO needs sorted out on time and without breaking the bank.

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