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3 Red Flags of a Bad SEO Agency - Law Firm Edition

An SEO agency is a big investment that many businesses decide to  make. Not only this will increase your chances of scaling through the different search engines, but it makes your law firm look more professional and reliable to people searching for law firm services. However, it’s important you hire a professional SEO agency to handle your services. 

When you decide to go with the first one you found, you’re not only risking your law firm’s reputation but you are risking your investment. If you’re not sure how to identify the professionalism of an SEO agency, we have some red flags you should keep in mind through this process. 


bad SEO agencies

1. Not Delivering Results After 6 Months

An SEO strategy does not give results from one day to another. However, this doesn’t mean that it’ll take the SEO agency more than a year to provide you with results. If the agency is not really responding to your messages and doesn’t give you updates on your website, it’s best to cancel their services. It’s unacceptable to not have any communication with an SEO agency that’s managing your law firm’s future. 

2. Not Getting At Least 4x Your Investment

SEO is truly an investment for your law firm. However, if the agency that’s managing it is not providing you with 4x of your investment, there’s something that’s not right with the strategy they’re using. Not getting your investment back means you’re just wasting your money on something that won’t help your law firm grow. It’s best to cancel those services right away.

3. Not Getting Quality Content

SEO works with two important factors: keywords and content. In order for your content to get optimized and make your website scale through millions of web results, you need quality. If the SEO agency you’re working with doesn’t pay enough attention to its content, you won’t grow or get to the top results. Content makes a huge difference, so you need to make sure they offer quality by asking for examples before hiring their services. 

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bad seo agencies

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