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3 Features Your Law Firm Website Should Have

Your website is the way you present your business to the world. It can be the first impression of a new client, an investor, or a new partner. Your website must be continuously updated to present your latest news and services and make your business easy to contact. 

For law firms, are essential as well. If your law firm has a well-built website, you can reach more visitors, who can turn into potential clients. 

Now that you know how important your business' website is, you need to learn the features that should have within it to make it more successful.


Website Features For Your Law Firm

A website must have certain features to make it successful. Users have to find your website attractive and useful. So here are three elements that can help you reach that goal. 

1. Responsiveness

This is an essential feature for most pages nowadays. Making your page responsive has become as important as the content you have on your website. This will help rank your website higher in the search engine results. Having a higher rank will help your possible clients find you easier.

2. Usability

When we talk about usability, we refer to how easy your website is for visitors to interact with. There are some crucial factors you need to keep in mind if you want your website to be easy to use.

  • Availability: Your website must be up and running always. If clients can't access your site, then it isn't very helpful.
  • Clarity: The whole platform needs to be easy to understand, so users don't get confused and frustrated. 
  • Learnability: People have been using websites for years, so most concepts and designs are well known. Take advantage of it, making your website easy to use.
  • Credibility: Make sure your website shows that your business is real. You can use an about us page to prove it or linking your website to your social media platforms. 
  • Relevance: The information on your website must be relevant to your clients. Make sure everything on your page is useful for them.

3. Design

Your website must have a beautiful design made to catch possible clients' attention. It should represent your business identity. As a law firm, you might want it to look more formal and serious, but approachable and committed to helping. Make sure this vibe is transmitted with an excellent design to keep visitors interested since the moment they visit your website.

Build A Professional Website Now

Giving the right image to your clients is essential, and your website is the easiest way to do it. With 12AM Agency, you can build a professional website to attract your prospective clients.  Contact 12AM Agency to ensure your page is properly designed to attend to your client's needs.


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