A 12AM Agency Case Study: Spencer Scott PLLC Better Severance Texas Overtime Lawyers


A 12AM Agency Case Study: Spencer Scott PLLC Better Severance Texas Overtime Lawyers

The attorneys at Spencer Scott PLLC Better Severance Texas Overtime Lawyers realized that their marketing efforts were not bringing in as many clients as they had been expecting. They turned to the team at 12AM Agency for assistance with promoting their brand more effectively.

Not enough potential clients were clicking on links leading to their website. We restructured the pay-per-click campaign, implementing A/B testing of ads.

This involves making two versions of a new ad, labeled A and B, and then testing them by presenting version A to one group and version B to another. Analytics will show you which ad performs the best under such circumstances.

Only by conducting experiments like this can you really see what consumers are looking for and gain insight into what motivates them to learn more and arrange for legal services.

We examined the law firm’s current keyword strategy, since success depends so much on using relevant terms that most people search for when in need of a lawyer. Specificity is crucial when you are presenting your services to potential clients.

To that end, our team restructured the negative keyword strategy. After reviewing the history of search queries, we added relevant phrase-match negative keywords to the mix.

Another area that needed improvement was geo targeting. Originally, Spencer Scott had been marketing to the entire state of Texas. We determined that this broad approach didn’t make for the best marketing strategy. Instead, we revamped the campaign to focus on city terms in a 100-mile radius, where the most business was coming from: Austin, Corpus Christi, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio. We also added the entire state of Oklahoma, given its close proximity to the attorney office.

The results were a 512% increase in conversions and a reduction in costs per conversion of 81%. Clearly, businesses that market with location top of mind will do better than those that ignore the power of naming cities.

However, you cannot rest on your laurels just because your marketing campaign has started to give you good results. It’s crucial to continue examining the types of searches customers are making. As the economic landscape changes and demographics adjust too, you have to take into account that search terms will change as well.

Oftentimes, the best way for a business to improve how it extends its brand in the marketplace is to partner with branding and marketing experts, like the team at 12AM Agency. We’re proud of the work we did to improve business at Spencer Scott PLLC.  We are looking forward to meeting with you to discuss what 12AM Agency can do to boost your conversion rates and improve your bottom line.

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